Trio of Hydrangeas

Hydrangea wreath supplies The materials and tools that you need to make a wreath like the one in our pictures can be found at local craft shops like Michaels or A.C. Moore or at garden centers. These bound straw wreaths are inexpensive and really easy to use. You will also need some u-shaped “floral pins”, which can also be found at craft shops and a pair of small clippers or floral scissors.

Just snip off the remaining blossoms from your hydrangeas (CAUTION: Just cut off the top blossoms with a good six inches or so of stem for fastening on to the wreath—BUT do not cut any further far down on the hydrangea stems or you will be cutting off  the emerging flowers for next summer! We will talk about this in another Blog!) and stuff the flowers in a large garbage bag for easy access. Begin by starting on the flat top of the wreath. Secure each blossom with floral pins—I push one down into the center of the blossoms, then use a second to secure the stem length-wise along the wreath.

Hydrangea wreath in progress Snuggle the next blossom right up close to the first, on top of the first stem. Fill in the entire top of the wreath this way, layering the blossoms close together so that you cannot see any of the straw below. You can make the size of the wreath smaller than mine if you pull each blossom apart and use smaller blossom clusters rather than the whole blossom head.

Once the top is completely covered, cover the inner ring of the wreath in the same fashion. Lastly, cover the sides of the wreath form, being sure to completely cover the straw form. If you want you can use picture wire to make a loop for hanging your wreath.

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