Cape Cod ART 2011

One of the best things about living on Cape Cod is the diversity of its art world. There are artists of many kinds on the Cape and Islands, and the depth of their talents make it hard to choose who to profile in our arts edition. Some of the people profiled on these pages were suggested to me by friends, co-workers, and other artists. I have met some of them personally at cultural events. I wish that we had endless pages to present more of their work… continue reading >>

Cape Cod ART 2011


Ken Carson

Ken Carson’s oil paintings have a dreamy quality. They seep into the soul and the mind surrenders. “I’m not about specific places, with grass, buildings, or people,” Carson says. “The painting is about an emotional… continue reading »

John Clayton

Getting to Provincetown was a long and winding road for John Clayton, but he got there. Today he is firmly ensconced in the Cape-tip artist’s haven, painting and teaching in an atmosphere that feels like… continue reading »

Deborah T. Colter

Deborah T. Colter’s unique sense of place gives her work a rare perspective. “My mind constantly takes in everything,” she says. “Then I try to turn it off and see what happens.” The names of… continue reading »

Ross Coppelman

Until eight years ago, Ross Coppelman’s jewelry designs had the aura of ancient Egyptian artifacts: stylized lines and the richness of precious stones and high-carat gold. It was most definitely not traditional Cape Cod jewelry…. continue reading »

Traeger Di Pietro

Life is an experiential feast for painter Traeger di Pietro. He has a particularly sharp eye for people and their quirks, and doesn’t hesitate to say his full-time job of driving a truck melds perfectly… continue reading »

Betty Carroll Fuller

Betty Carroll Fuller believes that paintings are not simply to be viewed; they are to be experienced. As she says, “I try to capture the essence, not the image.” Fuller’s paintings testify to life’s moments—good… continue reading »

Jack Goldsmith

Jack Goldsmith boils his words down to their essence. He credits his polished verbal skills to his 40 years of art direction and design in Manhattan. What he doesn’t take credit for is how he… continue reading »

Judy Harmon

The deep nostalgia in Judy Harmon’s paintings is no accident. One of the artist’s strongest girlhood memories is of the day her family pulled up stakes in Needham and moved to the Midwest. “I was… continue reading »

Meredith Howard

Meredith Howard is in a bit of conflict. For 10 years, her pastel landscapes brought her the satisfaction of an artist who had found her medium and a way to make a living. Then, three… continue reading »

Randy Hudson

If you’re one of the many people trying to catch Randy Hudson, Godspeed and good luck. The Nantucket painter, businessman, soccer coach, husband, and father, is known over the island for his deep involvement with… continue reading »

Benton Jones

Multimedia sculptor Benton Jones of Brewster sees life as malleable and transformative, much like his art process. Jones’s glass sculptures, like clusters of light, seem to change before your eyes, pulsing with energy in a… continue reading »

David Kelley

David Kelley has never been hesitant to push the envelope, whether he’s working in the corporate world as an illustrator or painting an ethereal Cape Cod landscape. His multifaceted background has taught him to stretch… continue reading »

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore’s studio, inside his Oak Bluffs home and a paintbrush throw from his gallery, is a natural world that is constantly in flux. “My studio morphs with the painting I’m working on,” Moore says…. continue reading »

Tom Odell

Tom Odell’s pieces—sculpture, jewelry, and hollowware—appear to be distinct modes of expression. But ultimately, it’s clear that they all inform each other. Whether it is an 18-carat yellow and white gold brooch, an eight-foot fabricated… continue reading »

Pamela Pindell

Behind the impeccable execution of Pamela Pindell’s artwork is a tender heart. Models often become friends, and even dishes and fruit become dear to her. “I tend to fall in love with my models, whether… continue reading »

Page Railsback

On a summer day 33 years ago, Page Railsback was in her kitchen, preparing a meal, when she was suddenly mesmerized by sunlight filtering through the flowers outside her window. “It hit me like a… continue reading »

Francie Randolph

Francie Randolph says that the best solutions are found by paring things down to their essence. Randolph’s latest works, two series called “Structure and Flow” and “Coral,” have an aura that feels as old as… continue reading »

Sergio Roffo

For all the precise composition and fine brushwork in Sergio Roffo’s paintings, the landscape artist holds a remarkably simple view of what art means to him. “I am inspired by life,” Roffo says. “Life is… continue reading »

Debra Ruddeforth

Life is lush and bountiful in Debra Ruddeforth’s world. Whether it’s a profusion of wild irises, fruit spread on a linen napkin, or hydrangeas in a basket, Ruddeforth’s art is very easy on the eyes…. continue reading »

Paul Schulenburg

In today’s kinetic, noise-filled world, Paul Schulenburg’s art offers a meditative look at everyday life. Landscapes are among Schulenburg’s works, but his figures—the woman standing in a storefront in Front Door, Café Heaven or the lone… continue reading »

Timothy Struna

Look outside any Cape Cod window and try to sort the shades of green, brown, gold, and blue. The colors are uncountable and the hues almost impossible to replicate. But Tim Struna has an extraordinary… continue reading »

Jen Villa

At its core, Jen Villa’s medium is Cape Cod. Villa’s photography and collages are rife with iconic Cape images: ocean, dunes, and skylines, capturing a sentiment that both Villa and her clients embrace. Villa, “a… continue reading »

Jhenn Watts

Jhenn Watts has nothing against technology, but digital cameras are not her method of choice for photography as a historical record. “With digital, we can doctor, copy, change things,” Watts says. “We’ve kind of gotten… continue reading »