Cape Cod ART 2012

If there is one thing I have learned as the editor of Cape Cod ART, it is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone, it seems, has a different idea about what makes a work of art compelling. This truism was underscored for me again when our staff reviewed possible cover choices for this issue… continue reading >>

Cape Cod ART 2012


Joan Albaugh

Rambling old off-season houses, spare and silent, pop up in winter like acorns along our area’s winding streets. In Joan Albaugh’s hands, they thrum with uneasy silence. Whether her focus is a house, a buoy,… continue reading »

Ed Chesnovitch

Ed Chesnovitch’s life-changing moment came not with a bang, but with the soft murmur of a heart engulfed in nostalgia and grief. Until a few years ago, Chesnovitch, an East Sandwich painter, was working in… continue reading »

Elaine Coffee

Until 20 years ago, the painter Elaine Coffee focused her art on simple, solitary figures. Then she visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and realized she was more captivated by the other patrons… continue reading »

Carole Ann Danner

Carole Ann Danner gives new meaning to the concept of a working artist. She is committed to her painting and knows that getting better takes discipline, stamina, and energy. “My personal goals are to be… continue reading »

Jack Dickerson

Whether it’s Lady Crab 2 Riding in Swirling Kelp, from his new “Crustacean and Shell Series,” or Big Fall Maples, Jack Dickerson’s acrylics exude reverberating, wonderful color. It’s no surprise that nature, the wellspring of… continue reading »

Sue Dragoo

Whether it is the expressionistic strokes that sweep over Dartmouth Rooftops or the light daubs of color in the playful Jellyfish!, Sue Dragoo (Lembo) paints landscapes and architecture with a precise eye, bringing her subjects… continue reading »

Elle Foley

There is the light that every dawn brings, and then there is the light imbued in the work of Nantucket artist Elle Foley. Muted or clear, subtle or strong, reflected or refracted, light rays cast… continue reading »

Elaine Gardner

In these frenetic days, it’s easy to miss the drama and mystery of everyday objects. Not so for Yarmouthport artist Elaine Gardner. To her, the stuff of life—a book on a table, cut fruit on… continue reading »

Ann Hart

Ann Hart is the quintessential self-taught artist. After a creative childhood, she was diverted from art, then returned in unexpected style. While waitressing one summer as a college student at The Squire in Chatham, she… continue reading »

Patricia Kaufman

Considering the challenges that life has thrown her way, Patricia Kaufman is remarkably attuned to its goodness. After all, Kaufman says, all her life events led her to her art, a personal journey for 40-plus… continue reading »

Steven Kennedy

To understand how Steven Kennedy’s art manages to pro- ject both raw natural force and urbane sophistication, it helps to know the full story of his professional life. While primarily a painter, the Wellfleet resident’s… continue reading »

Bao Lede

Bao Lede was part of the daring 1985 New Wave art movement in China, in which artists began expressing themselves in avant-garde style, challenging eons of tradition in Chinese art. One of Lede’s collages, Sun… continue reading »

Diana Lee

Whether it is oil, pastels, or acrylic on paper, canvas, or board, Falmouth artist Diana Lee loves everything about paint and painting—plain and simple. The passion comes from a woman who can’t remember not feeling… continue reading »

James Maddocks

James Maddocks was one of those lucky children whose parents recognized his talent very early. At age 12, he sold his first work—a winter scene of a house in a meadow—to a neighbor. Today, Maddocks… continue reading »

Kimberly Medeiros

To say that Kimberly Medeiros’s clay work radiates color and verve—her pieces practically dance on her studio shelves—is only half the story. The Pocasset potter’s desire to change the world through her art is just… continue reading »

Amy Rice

It takes a brave artist to conceive a piece not from a setting or photograph, but from the interior of the self. Consider Mashpee painter Amy Rice. Two years ago, she curated the show, “Out… continue reading »

Mike Rooney

Since boyhood, painter Mike Rooney had dreamed of being an artist. But there were no art fellowships, ateliers, or scholarly art classes waiting for him. “I always wanted to paint fine art,” Rooney says. But… continue reading »

Christie Scheele

Whether she is painting in oil, pastel, or mixed media, Christie Scheele’s message is carried on atmospheric elements of light, air, and moisture. By softening her images’ shapes and lush colors behind a silky veil,… continue reading »

Sarah Slavick

Sarah Slavick’s abstract art explores some of the most basic elements of the body’s interior—DNA, blood, veins—and their societal implications—birth, family, disease, recovery. Expressing such complex concepts in a minimalist framework is no easy feat,… continue reading »

Kathryn Lee Smith

If anyone is living their art, it is Provincetown printmaker Kathryn Lee Smith. Smith was barely out of baby shoes when her maternal grandmother, the late Ferol Sibley Warthen, started exposing Smith to the art… continue reading »

Ovid Osborn Ward

Ovid Ward’s paintings jostle all the senses: the smack of a catboat hitting the saltwater in Racing Off Chappy, the skin-prickling chill of Winter on Cape Cod, the salty smell in Clear Morning Air. In… continue reading »

Cammie Watson

Truro artist Cammie Watson is from a long and storied line of artists, but her surreal ability to create sumptuous color palettes and use them in compositions is uniquely hers. Watson’s oil paintings—such as Brush… continue reading »

Wendy Weldon

Wendy Weldon’s large, color-laden canvases of structural shapes seem, at first, to have little tie to the wee birds she paints on cigar boxes. But the two styles have uncanny commonalities: both were her subjects… continue reading »

Ryan Young

Welcome to the maverick life of artist Ryan Young. Since age 14, almost 40 years past, Young has labored long hours as a dockworker for the Steamship Authority in Woods Hole. His long workdays are… continue reading »