Cape Cod ART 2013

Art is all about making connections; the artist to their subject, the viewer to the artist’s work. I was thinking about this as we worked on this issue of Cape Cod ART profiling dozens of painters, sculptors, and photographers—all with Cape and Islands ties that have defined their talent somehow…

Cape Cod ART 2013


Beyond the Frame

Art is all about making connections; the artist to their subject, the viewer to the artist’s work. I was thinking about this as we worked on this issue profiling dozens of painters, sculptors, and photographers—all… continue reading »

Eric Abrecht

About 20 years ago, Eric Abrecht traveled on an African safari. He thought he was going to see the animals, but instead, he was struck by the colors around him. “I could not get over… continue reading »

Kimberlee Alemian

Kimberlee Alemian spent much of her childhood abroad in an environment that placed a high value on art. In Thailand, where even the act of folding napkins has artistic merit, and Germany, where she saw… continue reading »

Daphne Confar

Daphne Confar crafts characters. “I make the story up in my head,” she says. “I love making a painting of someone and feeling how their life must be from the darkness of the room, the… continue reading »

William R. Davis

Bill Davis has spent his life around boats. “I’ve always had an interest in the maritime,” he says. “Even as a little kid, I was drawing steamboats.” As a child, he began taking lessons at… continue reading »

Herb Edwards

Whether it’s the majestic canyons of New Mexico or the quiet harbors of Cape Cod, painter and Falmouth resident Herb Edwards captures the beauty of his surroundings. Despite the distinct differences in geography, the dramatic… continue reading »

Jenny Fragosa

“I’m always trying something new,” says Cape Cod artist Jenny Fragosa. “I don’t just do one thing. I never want things to look the same.” Fragosa applies this same experimentation to her life path—an unconventional… continue reading »

Michael Gaillard

Standing before one of Michael Gaillard’s outsized photographs of Nantucket—his largest are 60 inches by 72 inches—one might feel displaced as the saturating blue of a cloudless summer sky envelopes the senses. The choice to… continue reading »

Heidi Gallo

In her representational watercolors, Heidi Gallo takes delight in the details, whether it’s the reflections off the chrome fender of a 1950s Porsche Speedster or the dappled shadows falling on cottages in Eastham. “I really… continue reading »

Louis Guarnaccia

Louis Guarnaccia distinctly remembers a day in first grade when a teacher singled him out. “We had a homework assignment to draw something. The teacher taped the papers to the board and later called me… continue reading »

Sarah Hinckley

To understand what Sarah Hinckley’s paintings are all about, the best thing to do is drive out to a bay-side beach at low tide, get out of the car, and just gaze for a moment…. continue reading »

Duoling Huang

Duoling Huang was born in China in 1950. “For my life journey, I feel like I come from another age—from one world to another,” she says. “I still love the traditional world, and I love… continue reading »

Kely Knowles

“Comfortable is okay, but I like uncomfortable a little bit more,” says Kely Knowles. After many years as a well-known watercolorist, Knowles is embarking on a brave new adventure by challenging herself to translate her… continue reading »

Brian Larkin

Brian Larkin loves Provincetown’s famous light, but it is the town’s authentic creative spirit that has really helped define his artistic life. “I love the light; there is definitely something different about it; but I… continue reading »

David Lazarus

David Lazarus likes reinvention. As a young man, he left his home in England for life in the United States. “I left on a whim. I just wanted to see this part of the world,”… continue reading »

Yingzhao Liu

Yingzhao Liu’s remarkable talent for painting endured despite a life that began with deprivation, struggle, and uncertainty. Liu, born in China in 1956, lived through Mao’s oppressive regime until his early twenties. “When I was… continue reading »

Carl Lopes

Intense, choreographed dances of reflecting, pop-colored forms and patterns, Carl Lopes’s paintings don’t match any of the traditional art categories. A Lopes painting is a celebration—a visual feast. Like a piece of music, it is… continue reading »

Mimi McPartlan

Mimi McPartlan is just starting her career—although you would never know it from her work, which sings with the singular vision and technical strength of a mature artist. McPartlan was born and raised in Brewster…. continue reading »

Craig Mooney

Vermont has served artist Craig Mooney well. After growing up in New York City, he traveled, worked in the film industry in London and New York, and considered being a doctor, searching to find his… continue reading »

Heather Neill

For Heather Neill, Martha’s Vineyard has always been a constant amid a life of changes. “I moved every two years of my life, but I always went back to Martha’s Vineyard,” she says. Neill has… continue reading »

Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson often thinks about his Southern Baptist upbringing in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Those beliefs cast shadows that Nelson still sees. “For me, it comes back to religion,” he says. “Growing… continue reading »

Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh

Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh are partners in art—and in life. Married for over 10 years with two young children, they share a gallery and studio together in the Queen’s Buyway Shops in Falmouth. Not… continue reading »

Elizabeth Pratt

Like a flower, an artist needs love and encouragement to fully bloom. Many artists face being smothered as they develop—teachers, parents, friends, and siblings echo the notion that what the artist is doing isn’t worth… continue reading »

Jackie Reeves

Right now, Jackie Reeves is studying her heart out. “Looking at art history is the most exciting thing to me,” she says. After recently finishing up the low residency MFA program offered through the Massachusetts… continue reading »

Forrest Rodts

Forrest Rodts likes to let his artwork do the talking. His clever titles reflect little narratives in his paintings, which are predominantly realist illustrations of typical island-inspired subjects: sailing, shorescapes, lighthouses, seagulls. Often playing with… continue reading »

Allen Whiting

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Windham College in Putney, Vermont, painter and Martha’s Vineyard native Allen Whiting came to a fork in the road: Should he try and make it in… continue reading »

Steve Whittlesey

Part woodworker, part farmer, with a good dose of thinker, writer, beekeeper, and artist added in, Steve Whittlesey doesn’t fit any labels. He owns 1,200 blueberry bushes on his West Barnstable farm, which he opens… continue reading »

Mike Wright

For roughly 20 years, Mike Wright has been constructing wooden sculptures out of anything she can find—often from found painted wood. “I walk all over the beaches,” she says. “I also dumpster dive—there’s a great… continue reading »

Karol B. Wyckoff

With a sable watercolor brush, Karol Wyckoff has spent more than 50 years as a self-supporting, Cape-based artist. She is proud that she provided for herself and her two children as a single mother, putting… continue reading »