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Randy Hudson Randy Hudson

If you’re one of the many people trying to catch Randy Hudson, Godspeed and good luck. The Nantucket painter, businessman, soccer coach, husband, and father, is known over the island for his deep involvement with family and community, and his schedule reads like a rush-hour commuter train.

Fortunately, Hudson finds time to devote to his art, a serious endeavor for him for the past several years. In spirit, artistic pursuits have been with him his whole life. “Art has always been something I’ve been around,” Hudson says. After attending school for landscape architecture, he moved to Nantucket and began drawing, painting, and printmaking; then, he says, “I got too busy with life and put it (art) away for 15 years.”

After he had knee surgery several years ago, his wife Wendy Hudson, the owner of Nantucket Bookworks, signed him up for lessons at the Artists Association of Nantucket. Now, art is as vital a part of Hudson’s life as the rest of his myriad roles. “It’s an outlet for me,” he simply states.

Hudson’s canvases—whether landscapes, still lifes, or abstracts—are powerfully engaging, compelling viewers to look, and look again. Hudson says his art has no particular message, but he does concede that he is fascinated by the idea of connection: “how everything in an environment affects how we perceive the rest of the environment, and vice versa.” It makes sense, considering the important role of community in his life.

Hudson’s latest turn in art—toward abstract style—is exciting news for many of his fans. As he explains, the personal impact of painting abstracts, such as Ullage, is a powerful tonic. “The emotional aspect of painting—not from life but almost from the heart—is like letting something take hold of you and use you as a medium. When I can achieve that, it feels so much more rewarding than, say, rendering a glass or a flower. It’s something that’s beautiful, that has a connection; it’s almost like it came from nowhere.”

Randy Hudson Randy Hudson


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