Sergio Roffo

Sergio Roffo Sergio Roffo

For all the precise composition and fine brushwork in Sergio Roffo’s paintings, the landscape artist holds a remarkably simple view of what art means to him. “I am inspired by life,” Roffo says. “Life is art, art is life.”

A devoted family man, Roffo lives life to the fullest, intertwining art with almost everything he does. “Art goes with everything, whether it’s vacation, relaxing with the family, cooking, drinking fabulous wine, listening to opera,” he says. “It’s all one entity.”

Born in Italy’s Abruzzi region, Roffo became aware very early of nature’s goodness. “When I was seven years old, I had this feeling of being affected by its sublime beauty,” he says, then pauses. “I don’t know if it is possible at that early an age.” Considering the stillness and serenity in his paintings, an early connection between Roffo and nature seems not just possible, but a given.

The Dunes at Cliffside, a gold-flecked beach scene with a swath of grass and a house in the distance, is imbued with glimmering subtleties. The same understated energy emanates from the pastoral Breaking Light, painted in Stowe, Vermont. “I try to convey the harmony of nature through color and light,” Roffo says.

Roffo studied art formally in the 1980s at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, under the tutelage of Robert Douglas Hunter. “He was a mentor, a big influence on my life,” Roffo says. He first painted watercolors of Boston cityscapes, and switched to oils when he and his family moved to Scituate in 1991. He still lives in Scituate, painting, teaching workshops, and drinking in life like a cool glass of water.

Roffo’s work has earned him many accolades: he is a Fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists, a member of the Guild of Boston Artists, and a designated Copley Master at the Copley Society of Boston. But even without all these feathers in his cap, Roffo would certainly still have the same driven devotion to art. “We can never get bored at what we do,” he says. “Every painting is a challenge, and we can’t ever get it perfect the way nature does it. That’s what keeps us coming back.”

Sergio Roffo Sergio Roffo



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