Beyond the Frame

Art is all about making connections; the artist to their subject, the viewer to the artist’s work. I was thinking about this as we worked on this issue profiling dozens of painters, sculptors, and photographers—all with Cape and Islands ties that have defined their talent somehow.

For some—like Sarah Hinckley, an abstract painter with 13th-generation Cape Cod roots who lives and works in New York—memories of childhood Cape summers are an inspirational oasis that she revisits during long hours in her Manhattan studio. “It’s kind of like Chapin Beach—the tide goes out, but it comes back in and covers everything and it’s beautiful. You can see that in my paintings,” she says.

For others, like Yingzhao Liu and Duoling Huang—both Chinese artists who emigrated to the U.S. in search of freedom—Cape Cod is an artistic refuge. After driving 20 hours from Los Angeles, Liu was so inspired by the Cape’s beauty that in 2012 he opened a gallery in Brewster, which showcases this international artist’s fi ne paintings as well as the work of other Chinese artists.

These connections even run through the staff of Cape Cod Life Publications to some of the artists we share with you here. Jennifer Dow, the gifted art director of Cape Cod ART, was a student in our featured artist, and Barnstable High School Art Director, Carl Lopes’s classes. It was quite an experience for Jen to be using her artistic talents to design her admired former teacher’s pages.

As Cape Cod ART’s editor, this annual issue is one of 15 issues released by Cape Cod Life Publications, including Cape Cod LIFE and Cape Cod HOME, that I have the pleasure of working on every year. As a writer and a lover of art, the stories—and the connections to the people in this issue—stay with me long after the magazine is printed and in the hands of readers around the country.

In the end, Cape Cod ART is all about this special place that we are lucky enough to live or work in. Whether it’s the light, the beaches, the ocean, or a safe harbor from the rest of the world, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket seem to provide us all with a limitless canvas for making life better—and ever more beautiful.


Susan Dewey

Susan Dewey, Associate Publisher & Editor

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