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Scan the footnotes of Theodore Roosevelt’s life story and you’ll find the name Joseph Bucklin Bishop more than once. Bishop was a Roosevelt booster in the editorial pages of New York newspapers, a controversial appointee during the construction of the Panama Canal, the first of many biographers of the 26th president, and editor of the 1920 best-seller Theodore Roosevelt’s Letters to His Children. Read more…

Shorelines Spring ’12

Coastal Dream Houses

201203hsp_004 Shore Décor: Design at the Water’s Edge ($50) offers readers a glimpse into why living by the water is a truly unique privilege. From the classic to the contemporary this gorgeous collection features nearly 350 beautiful photographs of homes making it obvious why seaside living is so desirable. In this book, you just might find the inspiration to turn your seaside dream house into a reality. More information is available at

Wicker World

201203hsp_002 No home on Cape Cod or the Islands is complete without at least one piece of wicker furniture. Antique Wicker ($19.95) presents 925 examples from former worldwide wicker giant, the Heywood-Wakefield Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. Photos and illustrations of chairs, tables, sofas, beds, and wardrobes are featured in a reproduction of the original catalog, which was illustrated with Art Deco flair. An authentic price guide allows any homeowner, collector, or dealer to see the original price of wicker items nearly a century ago, giving a sense of the enduring value of this quintessential coastal style. For more information, log on to

The Classic Cape

201203hsp_003 In The Cape Cod House ($25) Stanley Schuler documents the history of this iconic style of home, from the first structures built by the Pilgrims to the modern styles being constructed today. The text is accompanied by drawn plans and 143 pictures of Cape Cod houses as well as explanations behind the designs and materials used to make these classic American homes, now built across the country. For more information, log on to

Annual Guide Outtakes: “There’s a lot more padding in your writing than you think there is”

To me, the 152 pages of this year’s Cape Cod Life Annual Guide represent a lot of effort. After countless hours of research, talking, and transcription, the best part of the endeavor is holding a copy in my hand for the first time. The worst part comes a little before that. Read more…

Warm Winter Reads

The Chatham School Affair
by Thomas H. Cook
Bantam, 1997

Travel back to the 1920s as the narrator recounts a life-changing year of love and murder in a mystery that takes place in Chatham when an all-boys school hires Elizabeth Channing, the school’s first, and last, art teacher. “It was first published in 1997, but remains one of my best-selling ‘local flavor’ books,” says Mark Leach of Now Voyager Bookstore and Gallery in Provincetown. Read more…

Shorelines – Early Summer ’11


Early Summer 2011


Perspectives on Design New England offers expert insights from leading design professionals into how truly beautiful New England homes are created: from conceptualizing your dream home to creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard or garden. These industry masters can help you create a new home or redesign one to suit your own unique lifestyle. Superbly written and brimming with brilliant photographs, this coffee table book captures the high style of Cape Cod and our coastal region. Panache Partners, $40,

Read more…

Shorelines – Spring ’11

Truly Custom, Truly Local

Home Spring 2011 The Sourcebook of Architectural and Design Elements Handcrafted on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket is issuing a 2011 edition with the addition of a new addendum. Compiled by The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, the book is a resource for builders, architects, designers, and home owners who want to find custom, high-end items created by local craftsmen. The beautifully presented guide features the 52 artists from the first edition and ten new ones in the addendum. The book ($39.95) is a “must have” for anyone who wants “truly custom, truly local” design elements. Visit for ordering information.

Home Spring 2011 An Artful Find

Crack the cover to Martha’s Vineyard Tile: Hidden Gems in Island Homes and open the world of possibilities provided by artisan tile. This elegant hardcover book, photographed by Alison Shaw with text by Shelley Christiansen, provides an in-depth tour of the kitchens, bathrooms, and enviable surroundings of well-appointed Vineyard homes using tile in creative ways. The pages are peppered with useful design and decoration tips as well as profiles of local artisans. Produced by Vineyard Stories in conjunction with the Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company, this book is an indispensable resource. $34.95. To find out more, log on to or call 508-693-9707.

Homes for the Ages

Home Spring 2011 Hutker Architects has constructed more than 200 homes over its 26 years. In Heirlooms to Live in: Homes in a New Regional Vernacular, Mark Hutker, the founder of the award-winning firm, with offices in Falmouth, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket, outlines his theories on designing and building exceptional homes. Hutker focuses on regional character in architecture, and crafting homes that become family keepsakes—not just dwelling spaces. The handsomely designed book brings these concepts to life by looking at 25 of the firm’s notable projects with comprehensive selections of sketches, blueprints, and photographs by Alison Shaw and Brian Vanden Brink. $75. Published by Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers. For more information, visit

Architecture Through the Ages

Home Winter 2010 From Cape Cod’s earliest “half houses” to contemporary mansions, A History Through Houses: Cape Cod’s Varied Residential Architecture ($19.99) provides a glimpse into our region’s rich architectural heritage. Inspired by her fascination for Cape Cod’s historic architecture, author and native Cape Codder Jaci Conry guides the reader through this unique architectural world. Conry details the first homes that coined the “Cape Cod” style, explores Victorian and Gothic Revival homes, and gives fascinating details of two of the Cape’s first mansions: Highfield Hall in Falmouth and Fieldstone Hall, now part of Brewster’s Ocean Edge Resort. She also showcases today’s grand mansions and delves into Cape designs by world-renowned architects. Illustrated with black and white current and vintage photography, the book is a valuable resource for homeowners, historians, and students of the Cape’s quintessentially American architecture.

For more information, go to or call (843) 577-5971.

Gripping Gunning

Life December 2010 Cape Cod native Sally Gunning’s latest work of historical fiction, The Rebellion of Jane Clark, is a gripping fireside read. The story begins in Satucket, today known as Brewster. Jane Clark, the daughter of a hot-tempered tanner, finds herself unwillingly betrothed to Phinneas Paine. Upon her refusal to marry, Jane’s father exiles her to Boston. There, Jane meets some of the American Revolution’s key figures as tensions between the patriots and loyalists reach a boiling point. After witnessing the Boston Massacre, Jane must make the most difficult decision of her life. Gunning’s elegant writing coupled with her mastery of colonial dialogue paints a riveting picture of pre-Revolutionary Cape Cod and Boston. Visit to read an excerpt and take a virtual tour of Satucket!

The Coordinates of Bygone Days

W.B. Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives & Cape Cod Community College

“Maps are artifacts of their time, and, as such, they are windows, not only on the world of the past that they represent, but on the worldview or the mind of the time that produced them.”—Robert Finch, The 1858 Map of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, & Nantucket

Robert Finch’s commentary, “Two Windows,” which appears in The 1858 Map of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, & Nantucket, tells us about the two views the map presents. One is “a wide-angle or macroview of its time,” he writes, while the other is a closer look at the people who lived then, including their individual stories. The broader view gives us town borders and bodies of water, village centers and back roads. The deeper, more penetrating look reveals, for example, that many of the listed heads of household in Truro Village—no fewer than 17—begin with “Mrs.”, which denotes a widow. “The explanation lies in the tragic gale of October 3, 1841,” Finch writes in his commentary, “in which the lives of fifty-seven Truro men were lost at sea.” Read more…

A Special Shore Thing

sourcebook If you need an invaluable, one-stop guide to distinctive products created by Cape and Island artisan—everything from custom sinks to hand-woven fabrics on to stone fireplaces and much more—be sure to order this attractively packaged, easy to use architectural and design sourcebook ($39.95) from the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce’s on-line store. Many of the items have been featured on programs like NECN’s “Dream House.”

For information, go to or call (508) 362-8910.
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