Nantucket for the Holidays

From the first of November until New Year's Day, Nantucket lights up with fun, revelry, and good cheer.

As temperatures plummet and the countdown until the holiday season begins, Nantucket prepares for a festive season. Islanders blend the old with the new this year, mixing tradition with creativity. In addition to the eagerly anticipated Christmas Stroll and the Nantucket Historical Association’s Festivals of Wreaths and Trees, the island has a special surprise in store this year: the first community-wide Nantucket New Year’s celebration. Islanders invite you to be a part of their holiday season, from the first of November, until the last horn blows on New Year’s Day. Read more…

Wellfleet to the World

In just a few short years, Wellfleet’s Ariel, Sarah, Nora, Rose, and Lydia Parkington have gone from busking on the streets of Provincetown to sold-out concerts and national tours. Today, this band of sisters hit the stage with violins and a cello. They are fearless, playing music that one can’t readily dance to, nor even really sing along with, yet they transfix audiences. They are bright, articulate young women. There’s just one question they can’t answer: What does their music sound like?

P sisters window Rose hems for a few moments, then defers to Sarah. Sarah isn’t sure either. Nora is equally stymied. Giggling, she finally says, “Tell them we’re a cult Norwegian metal band, that’ll throw ‘em off.”

The sisters’ range is considerable, and their influences are not always apparent. They often close shows with a Radiohead cover. But at the conclusion of a recent performance at the Jailhouse in Orleans, even as sustained applause faded and the sisters began to file off stage, Rose playfully began the familiar keyboard intro to “Jump,” Van Halen’s pop-metal paean from 1984, an album that came out four years before she was born. Read more…

Soul and Six Strings

Andrew K. Howard Stephan Connor is a luthier. If your hands know their way around six strings, you already know what that title means—he makes guitars. But more accurately, the Falmouth resident makes classical guitars for world-class musicians like Angel Romero, Eliot Fisk, and many others. And much in the same way that making music requires more than plucking strings, shaping a guitar is more than simple woodworking: Connor’s craft innately blends art, music, physics, and soul to create instruments that bear his label. Connor spoke with Cape Cod Life about his start in this esoteric craft, why the view from his Cape Cod workshop beats that of his former studio, and the excitement of hearing notes soar from a new guitar for the first time. Read more…