Days and Nights

The Days Family The distinctive, gabled bungalows first appear as you reach the crest of the hill on Route 6 in Truro. In the distance, silhouetted against the sea, stand 23 identical sea green-and-white cottages.

Poems have been written about them. Artists are stirred by them. Photographs of them adorn walls around the world. “My son saw a photo of one of the cottages when he was in Greece on the island of Mykonos,” says Marie Jones of Enfield, Connecticut, who has journeyed to Truro’s Beach Point every summer since she was a baby, some 74 years ago.

Days’ Cottages turn 80 this summer. They have survived coastal storms and historical Nor’easters, including the Blizzard of ‘78 that washed away the seawall but left the cottages undamaged. Their appeal is ageless and their customers are seemingly forever faithful, many returning every summer, renting the same cottage, and settling in next to the same tourists. Through the decades, strangers have become friends, sometimes almost family.
“It’s been passed down from generation to generation,” says Joe Days, who now operates the business started by his grandfather. “We put them in the same cottage every year, and they’re next to the same people. So it’s like an annual reunion.” Read more…

A Life Revealed

Cape Cod Life Through her art, Hella Bailin revealed some of the best and worst moments of her life. From the worst—her parents were killed in a concentration camp during the Holocaust—to joyful world travels, Bailin created her art as a way to embrace cultures, capture the essential goodness of people, and accept and express her extraordinary sorrow and loss. Read more…

The Niantic Sails Again

For as long as I can remember, a faded painting of my great great grandfather’s ship, the Niantic, hung in the parlor of our West Tisbury home. It had hung in our island house for 150 years. Every once in a while, we’d dust it or wipe off spider droppings.

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Seeing the Big Picture

Early Summer 2011

In a darkened room, wearing a surgical mask and gloves, Falmouth’s Ian Primrose inspects a subject lying on a table with a portable ultraviolet light. Under the UV fluorescence, he can see blotches.

Primrose is not a doctor, but rather a master of alchemy, mystery, and craftsmanship. He is a professional art restorer and conserv- ator. The UV light reveals paint strokes of an earlier restoration.

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MSPCA Furry Affair 2011

Taco by Anthony DiSpezio

Proceeds from the event will help animals like Taco, a surrendered 3-pound Chihuahua with a spinal abnormality, get the medical help they need for a new life.

Cape Cod Life made a splash at an important community event this weekend, the MSPCA Furry Affair held at the Wianno Club in Osterville.

Seaside Wreath by Susan Dewey

Seaside Wreath by Susan Dewey for MSPCA's Furry Affair 2011

Cape Cod Life comptroller and passionate animal lover Liz Flynn, who has fostered dozens of animals in trouble, won Volunteer of the Year. Susan Dewey, Cape Cod Life editor, designed and donated a seaside wreath to the event’s auction.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the MSPCA’s Guardian Angel Fund and gives dogs and other animals like Taco (above) a second chance for a new life.

Ingrained in Cape Cod

Some things beg to be touched: cashmere sweaters, wool blankets, fluffed towels just out of the dryer, glistening new cars, dogs.  If you find yourself in West Barnstable, stop by Pastiche of Cape Cod to experience a small feast for the senses. Owner Irina MacPhee has recently debuted a line of wooden furniture that is hard to pass by without touching. Titled The Cape Cod Collection™ and found exclusively at Pastiche or through designers, these beautifully crafted pieces evoke a sense of history, craftsmanship, and cozy farmhouse kitchens, as your hand trails the contours of each one.

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Bayside Beauty

Michael Lee

Seclusion and privacy at the end of a long wooded road in a famous Cape Cod location. Panoramic views of Buzzards Bay. There were a lot of positive things to be said for the Upper Cape property purchased by an active family several years ago for their new seaside summer home.

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Out of the Box

The words were written in ballpoint pen on a scrap of printer paper and duct-taped to a tree in front of artist Jennifer Morgan’s new house in East Harwich: “This is a disgrace.”

Not exactly the warm, neighborly welcome Morgan was used to from her lifelong visits to Cape Cod. She could have been upset over it or worse, bitter. But that’s not Morgan’s style.

“I taped the sign to the window of my truck and drove around with it for a while,” Morgan laughs while recounting just one of many challenges she encountered in the process of designing and building her own house.

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Seaside Reverie


Eric Roth

Renowned landscape architect Greg Lombardi was asked to create an elegant, yet natural-looking design to complement the renovation of a mid-Cape home for homeowners seeking a coastal retreat by the sea. Right from the beginning of the project, Lombardi took into account the homeowner’s desire for a tranquil refuge from complicated metropolitan lives, one that would allow the owners to relax in understated comfort, making the most of Cape Cod’s natural glory. “The clients wanted to engage in Cape Cod’s abundant nature, celebrating simple moments living by the sea,” says Lombardi.

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Creative Craftsman

“It’s not everyday you come across a client like this,” says Chris Hereford of HMD Architects in Harwich. “She really wanted to go the extra distance to create a home that was special.” The original house, which sits just off of Chatham’s Main Street, was a mishmash of styles—a little Greek Revival, a little Federal. “We did a total renovation of the house,” says Hereford. The dark, closed-off spaces did not work for the family. “There are often three generations under one roof here during the summer months,” says Hereford. Hereford, who had worked with the client on other house projects in the past, designed new spaces for the family—two additions—as well as adding much needed curb appeal and natural light to the home.

Eric Roth

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