Shorelines – Early Summer ’11


Early Summer 2011


Perspectives on Design New England offers expert insights from leading design professionals into how truly beautiful New England homes are created: from conceptualizing your dream home to creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard or garden. These industry masters can help you create a new home or redesign one to suit your own unique lifestyle. Superbly written and brimming with brilliant photographs, this coffee table book captures the high style of Cape Cod and our coastal region. Panache Partners, $40,

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Where the Livin’ is Easy

Early Summer 2011

One of the best things about living on Cape Cod is the great variety of homes and gardens that can be found in every town. In my hometown of Centerville, for instance, seventeenth century Capes with moss-covered wooden roofs share backyards with cutting edge twenty-first century designs. There are sprawling brick  mansions alongside Nantucket Sound and tiny shingled cottages hugging the shores of Lake Wequaquet. Something about living by the water seems to invite freedom of expression. When we choose our homes—and our gardens—anything goes.

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60 Years Under the Big Top

Cape Cod Life

On first sight, the giant blue vinyl tent pitched over cement risers beside a gravel parking lot west of downtown Hyannis seems an unlikely spot for a 60-year success story. But once inside, as childhood tent-by-the-campfire instincts take over, the audience of 2,000 swiftly bonds with the performers beneath the canopy’s cozy cocoon. “The fans are so close that they become part of the show!” rock star Melissa Etheridge exclaimed following a recent appearance. Read more…

Handcrafted Luxury

Anthony DiSpezio

Steps away from Provincetown’s Lobster Pot Restaurant, a simple sign comprised of the words “THE WORKSHOP” and a large wooden sandal draws curious visitors away from the commotion of Commercial Street down a quaint alley.

A set of wooden stairs at the alley’s end leads up past a wall covered with morning glory vines to a beautiful view of the ocean and an unassuming workshop with the Rolling Stones playing softly from a back room.

“I’m in what’s known as a destination location,” says Victor Powell, who has been working in this space since 1999. “Once you come past the bikers and the funk in the alley, you reach this oasis up here.”

Victor Powell has been designing and creating high quality leather goods since 1967, and legions of notable buyers from around the world have traveled to The Workshop to have pairs of his famous leather sandals fitted, fashioned, and signed as unique, wearable art pieces.

In 2006, fashion designer Michael Kors commissioned Powell to make all of the footwear for his spring menswear 2006 Collection, which was exhibited at a runway show during New York City’s Fashion Week. Three months later, Vanity Fair pictured Nicole Kidman wearing a pair of Powell’s sandals. Even Cardinal O’Malley of Boston purchased a pair of his sandals a few years ago. Read more…

Growing Green Hands

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His Heaven on Earth

Frank Foster

Paul Miskovsky has planted a garden on a cliff, set another on an island in a pond, and created several under the vast roof of the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. But of his many horticultural designs, there may be none more enchanting than that which surrounds his own Falmouth home. Read more…

Woodland Wonder

Terry Pommett What is it about woodland gardens that stir our feelings of enchantment? Perhaps it is some magical attraction that appeals to our collective unconsciousness, something buried deep in our childhood memories. The play of light and shadow in trees and shrubs; the fascinating movements of birds, butterflies and bees; the mystery and allure of nature all combine to create a feeling of wonder.

Thom Koon’s odyssey creating a famous Nantucket woodland garden was pure happenstance. Although his father was an avid gardener, he did not ask his son to help with planting or maintenance.  “I never really gardened,” says Koon.  “I lived in New York City for 15 years before coming to Nantucket in the late 1970s. All I can remember doing with plants was to buy an occasional orchid for the apartment, or grow herbs on the fire escape.”

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Coming Up Roses

Terry Pommett

Roses have always had a singular allure; it’s no wonder that Cape Cod residents and visitors alike treasure these flowers. In general, roses do well in seaside locations, and they are treasured for gracing our landscapes with color during the summer and fall. Read more…

Great Gardens

Spohr Gardens enchants visitors all year long

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Tool Talk

Gardens 2011 Garden Art
Add a romantic touch to your garden with these efficient sprinklers ($16.99). Just attach a hose and you’ve got a sprinkler and petite statue in one! Roughly four by six inches,in several desgins at Osterville House and Garden, 508-428-6911. Read more…

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