Fabulous Foliage & Flower Power C.L. Fornari

When Cape Cod residents first plant their landscapes, many choose evergreen trees and shrubs believing that having foliage all year round is of prime importance. At some point, however, the realization sets in that their yard is a sea of green. Evergreens may have beautiful all-seasons foliage, but these monochromatic trees and shrubs don’t satisfy most humans’ innate desire for color. Read more…

Through the Seasons

Michael McLaughlin

One of the surest signs of spring’s arrival is the blooming of some 10,000 daffodils planted at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich. “[Daffodils] are one of my favorite plants,” says Les Lutz, an Omaha, Nebraska, transplant who recently became the director of horticulture at Heritage. “The property I grew up on was covered with them.” See for yourself after April 14, when 100 acres of gardens open for the season., 508-888-3300.

Factory Village, West Brewster, MA

About 1870-72, looking east