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Take a ride on Nantucket’s wildside

A bumpy beach road leads visitors to the stunning Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge.

Drivers attempting to make their way out to the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and Great Point Light on the northern tip of Nantucket are well advised to follow protocol should they wish to make theirs a return trip. At the Wauwinet Gatehouse, just south of The Wauwinet resort, drivers are…

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Where angelfish fear to tread

Cape Cod native explores the world’s oceans to photograph rarely seen marine life
Ethan Daniels is not your ordinary photographer. He’s not even your ordinary wildlife photographer. A native of Orleans, Daniels travels the world to snorkel in exotic locations and capture images of rarely seen species of marine life.
“I prefer to shoot areas that other photographers don’t, or won’t, or can’t,”…

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Welcome to Main Street Chatham

For two days last summer, photographer Charles Sternaimolo and I explored Chatham’s lovely Main Street. We traveled from end to end, from the Chatham Lighthouse in the east to Main Street’s western culmination at the Harwich line. Naturally, we spent the majority of our time downtown, interviewing and photographing business owners, tourists, and locals—and lots of dog walkers. It was…

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Welcome to Commercial Street in Provincetown

For two days last summer, photographer Charles Sternaimolo and I explored the creative, colorful, and quirky community that is Commercial Street in Provincetown. We walked the length of the street, from the attractive homes, B&Bs, and art galleries in the East End, to the Provincetown Inn Seaside Resort & Conference Center in the west. We stopped in many shops, enjoyed…

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Seven Decades In The Dunes

Art’s Dune Tours celebrates 70 years in 2016!

Driving slowly through the dunes of Provincetown, Rob Costa serves a variety of roles for Art’s Dune Tours. First, he’s a driver and skilled at easing the large Chevy Suburban loaded with seven passengers along the twisting, turning, and soft-sanded roads running through the dunes. Second, he’s the owner of the company, continuing…

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Golfers might call this a safe approach

With a change in ownership, many club members now own equity in TGC in Falmouth

There are many fantastic golf courses on Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Shore, but there’s only one that goes by the name “The Golf Club.” Located in East Falmouth, TGC—as the club is now officially known—is a private, top-of-the-line golf-only club, meaning few distractions…

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The Changing Shape of the Cape & Islands: An introduction to our series

“Rather suddenly, about 12,000 years ago . . .

“Rather suddenly, about 12,000 years ago, a rapid warming of the world climate set in and the ice sheets of North America and Europe began to waste away.” Such begins a paragraph in writer Arthur N. Strahler’s 1966 book, A Geologist’s View of Cape Cod, where the author describes the melting…

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