Winter Light

It is the first day of October as I write this—a glorious Cape Cod day with a bluebird sky lit by autumnal light with a strong southwest wind tossing the treetops around like ocean-bound clipper ship sails. Summer has finally left us, although there are still days when you can sit in sunny spots and pretend that it is August; believe you can still wear shorts and flip-flops; and if you are hungry, imagine hitting The Barnacle on Craigville Beach for some hot fried clams. Read more…

Harvest Home

As I write this in early August, my vegetable garden is about to burst with tomatoes, squash, and basil. I have so many cucumbers that I plan to make jars of sweet pickles to give to out-of-town guests when they arrive on the Cape for our son’s September wedding. I will also be harvesting some sunflowers for the wedding—one variety that we planted is so tall it towers over my head. It has been an amazing summer for gardening—day after day of warm sunshine, followed by brief cooling showers. It is a perfect recipe for garden plentitude. Read more…

Dine With Us!

One of the best things about being on the Cape and Islands is the huge buffet of dining choices that extend from the canal all the way to the tip of Provincetown. Everyone seems to have their favorite choices, although year after year thousands of Cape Cod Life readers do seem to agree on such winners as Best Fried Clams, Best Pizza, or Best Romantic Restaurant in our annual Readers Poll. Read more…

Summer Healing Summer Healing

I am not kidding when I tell people that I have the best job on Cape Cod. There are many times—especially during the summer months—when I think how lucky I am to get paid to do things like cruise around Nantucket’s waters on a big ship, watching stately yachts compete in the Opera House Cup. That is what I was doing in the photo on the right while watching the races aboard the beautifully restored Nantucket Lightship last summer. Read more…

Beholding Beauty

If there is one thing I have learned as the editor of Cape Cod ART, it is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone, it seems, has a different idea about what makes a work of art compelling. This truism was underscored for me again when our staff reviewed possible cover choices for this issue.

Read more…

Camp Memories

There is something about camps and cottages that seems the essence of Cape Cod and the Islands. Everyone seems to have a story about a special place where they spent part of a summer, from vacation cottages to cherished family camps perched on the edge of beaches or at the end of wooded sandy roads.

Read more…

Our 20 BEST OF Years…and Counting!

Best of Years

This summer,  Cape Cod Life is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Best Of Readers’ Awards poll.

Since 1992, we’ve reached out to our readers for their Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket favorites. In our first Best Of issue, voters mailed back paper ballots with hand-written choices for attractions, beaches, and restaurants in just 16 categories. This spring, the voting is completely digital and the categories have expanded considerably to include 50 categories for everything under the sun. Read more…

Love on the Wing

We are planning a wedding.

In September, our son, Dan, will marry a Cape Cod girl, Erika, in West Barnstable Parish Church. The reception will be in a meadow that looks out towards Sandy Neck Beach.

Erika was born on Cape Cod—she is a sea sprite of a girl with hair the color of beach grass and blue eyes like the ocean on a bright September day. She grew up loving the water and life by the beach. She is the kind of person you would be lucky to have in a small sailboat during a sudden storm on Vineyard Sound.

Dan was not born on Cape Cod, but he has been here for some part of every summer from the first time when he happily dug his eight-month-old toes in the warm sand at Craigville Beach. After the wedding, they will live in West Barnstable where Dan runs an organic land care business. Erika hopes to teach art in a Cape school.

We are excited that our two families are joining together, strands knotting tight like a good bowline knot. On her Mom’s side, Erika is descended from the Hopkins family who has been on the Cape since the 1600s. Through my dad’s side, Dan is descended from the Higgins family, who were part of a pioneering group—which, incidentally, also included the Hopkins family—who settled the Orleans area.

In this, our special wedding edition, we share some happy memories from recent Cape  weddings. Read about Kathleen and Dan Hodge whose wedding at Ocean Edge Resort last summer was classically romantic with special seaside flair. Find out why Cape wedding planners often choose Sperry Tents for their clients in a stunning photographic spread and story on page 60. And revel in the fantasia of seaside wedding floral designs by Mashpee Commons Verde Floral Design on page 54. Lastly, read Brian Shortsleeve’s Gunk’holing on page 96. We share the column Brian wrote in 1990 as he was preparing to marry his wife, Judy, in an island ceremony to remember.

It is May. The hydrangea are in full bud. The osprey have come back to reunite with their mates, wild calls waking us to sea and sun and plans for seaside days.

Love is in the air. Come celebrate the start of our splendid season!


Susan Dewey, Associate Publisher
& Editor,

Green Dreams

201203hsp_001 I have this fantasy that someday we will move out of our old Cape into a green house—not the kind where you grow flowers, although that would be fine with me, too—but an environmentally efficient house where we could live a sustainable life. This fantasy occurs often in the winter months when the floors of our house are very cold (no insulation), the wind whips through ancient doors, and the furnace never seems to stop running. Read more…