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Falmouth’s Cape Cod Theatre Project celebrates its 21st season this summer.

Making Music

The Cape Symphony has long offered the people of Cape Cod the opportunity to experience rich symphonic and orchestral performances.

Exploring Museums

Cape Cod Maritime Museum The Cape Cod Maritime Museum is a gem hidden along the waterfront of Hyannis.

Historical Societies & Museums

The Eastham Historical Society is home to two historical venues, which host a number of activities and events for the summer season.

Cultivating the Arts

The Artists Association of Nantucket promotes the visual arts on the island.

For the ART of it

Those of us lucky enough to be part of Cape Cod Life Publications know how fortunate we are to work at something we love in a beautiful place that millions seek out every year for pleasure, inspiration, and solace.

Artist Profile: Kathy Weber

On a regular basis, artist Kathy Weber meets a friend at a local diner.

Artist Profile: Brenda Silva

A lifelong Provincetown resident, Brenda Silva is the fourth generation of a Portuguese fishing family.

Artist Profile: Julia O’Malley-Keyes

Maritime artists are known for their attention to detail, their nearly scientific ability to capture the intricacies of rigging, the exact swell and line of every sail, the perfect curve of each gleaming hull.

Artist Profile: Brandon Newton

One of Brandon Newton’s favorite things to paint on Martha’s Vineyard is the vast nighttime sky.

Artist Profile: Richard Mckinley

Richard McKinley’s connection to Cape Cod began long before he ever picked up a paint brush.

Artist Profile: Sharon McGauley

Painter Sharon McGauley recalls days and nights spent on Cape Cod’s beaches as inspirational experiences that have defined her contemporary paintings.

Artist Profile: Carlos Lopez

Looking at his luscious oil paintings of oysters on the walls of Martha’s Vineyard’s Eisenhauer Gallery, it’s easy to believe that Carlos Lopez once dreamed of becoming a famous chef.

Artist Profile: Bao Lede

Bao Lede’s works are a reflection not only of his cultural roots in China, but of his emotions towards his adopted home on Cape Cod.

Artist Profile: Michael Klein

Simple observations of beautiful subjects are at the heart of painter Michael Klein’s work.

Artist Profile: L.R. Jasper

Most photographs capture a single moment in time.

Artist Profile: Robert Frazier

When Robert Frazier prepares to paint, he selects only a limited choice of colors—just as his mother taught him.

Artist Profile: Jack Dickerson

The study of color and design has dominated Jack Dickerson’s life and work, but his passion for painting came later in life.

Artist Profile: ChalermAkhwan ‘Kwan’ Buadam

Painting all day long is Chalermakhwan ‘Kwan’ Buadam’s idea of perfection.

Artist Profile: Philip Bergson

In the depths of winter, when temperatures dip into the 20s, even hardy Cape Codders don’t want to spend too much time outside.

Artist Profile: Mark Beck

A painter for 25 years, Mark Beck has found the best way to keep his art fresh and creative is to change up his style.

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Celebrating Edward Hopper’s legacy on Cape Cod

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