Cape Cod ART Stories and Profiles

Artist Profile: Cynthia Packard

On her easel, Cynthia Packard turns a huge wooden panel on its side, then upside down. She might just flip it again, gaining a different perspective with each turn as she slaps on generous quantities of oil paint mixed with wax and swipes it across the surface with a trowel. Then she turns the panel again and applies another color—right…

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Artist Profile: Justin Wood

It’s turning out to be a year of “firsts” for New York City-based artist Justin Wood. “I am excited about my first solo show, at Collins Galleries in Orleans,” he says. “I am also happy to say that my wife, Dana, and I had our first child, Ben, on April 26.”

Wood, 33, is a figurative and still life painter who…

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Artist Profile: John Whitmarsh

“About four years ago, I realized I was bored with photographing literal depictions of reality and came close to hanging up my cameras,” John Whitmarsh says. “I was standing in the middle of a field in Yarmouth Port ready to shoot, and I thought to myself, ‘How can I make this different?’”

After more than 40 years as a landscape photographer,…

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Artist Profile: Edward Walsh

Like waves relentlessly wearing away the sand, Edward Walsh’s journey to becoming a painter was slow and steady. He first visited Provincetown as a child in 1954, when he and his mother took a day trip to the tip of the Cape, traveling on the old ferry from Boston. “Even as a little kid, I knew this place was different…

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Artist Profile: Colleen Vandeventer

As an 11-year-old, Colleen Vandeventer often posed as a model for her artist grandmother’s painting class students. “I had the most difficult time trying to sit motionless for 30 minutes!” she recalls. “I’d have to pick a point on the wall and stare at it.”

Her youthful impatience notwithstanding, Vandeventer was invigorated by her grandmother’s art and fascinated to see how…

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Artist Profile: Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons has earned international acclaim for a style the critics call “sculptural painting,” in which the paint, slathered on thickly, becomes as significant as the subject of the painting. This multi-plane technique affects the viewer on multiple levels, a scenario the artist describes as “a tactile experience that bridges the gap between representational and abstract work.” Lyons calls his…

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Artist Profile: Scott Terry

Scott Terry has always had art in his blood, but it took a quiet revelation on the other side of the world to make him fully realize what his life’s calling would be. “I remember the exact moment I had what you would call an epiphany,” Terry recalls. “I was sitting in my hut in Bali in 1972, painting a…

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Artist Profile: Tjasa Owen

The experience of viewing Tjasa Owen’s seascapes falls somewhere between paging through an old photo album and drifting off into a sunny summer daydream. As memories and dreams so often are, the tone of Owen’s work is simultaneously rich, evocative, and ambiguous. There is a feeling of something slipping away, or missing, or just slightly out of reach.

Memories, travels, and…

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Artist Profile: Jane Marie Manco

While Jane Marie Manco’s oil paintings span a variety of genres, from seascapes to portraits, it is her still lifes inspired by the Cape’s marine bounty that bring her the most artistic satisfaction.

“The reason I work with fish and oysters is that it is important for me to be intrigued with my subject matter and because I love these objects,”…

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Artist Profile: Sarah Holl

Growing up in an artistic family, Sarah Holl always intrinsically understood that she would be an artist. “In fact, one of my earliest memories is of throwing myself on the floor in a fit of frustration over a finger painting I was doing—I was 3 or 4!” she says. “I still do that, by the way,” she adds with a…

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