Cape Cod HOME Stories

By the sea, by the sea

Editor’s Note

When I was a little girl, we lived on a long street that ran alongside the Mount Hope Bay. The street was about a mile long and ended in a marsh. On either side, there were lots of houses, many built in the shingle-style that is still a favorite in New England’s coastal communities. It wasn’t a beachside cottage…

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Capturing the Ocean’s Moods

The artist shares her secrets

The magnetic effect of Jeanne Rosier Smith’s paintings en plein air (French for “in the open air”) is most obvious when she is depicting ocean waves, a famously difficult thing to do. “Artistically, there are a lot of possibilities,” Smith says. “It’s always changing —lighting, the moisture in the air. You can convey all kinds of…

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Riding the Wave

Jeanne Rosier Smith’s paintings capture the ever-changing grandeur of the ocean.

For Jeanne Rosier Smith, painting is an immersion of all the senses. She loves the visual richness of her pastels, the meditative quality of stroking color across paper, the emotional connection with her subjects, and the atmospheric feel of the air when she is painting one of her most loved…

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Hot Trends for Cape Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen professionals provide customized design and installation services for homeowners looking to move their summer menus—and fun—outside.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but when summertime arrives on Cape Cod, the heart moves outside. Family gatherings, evening parties, celebrations, and even weeknight dinners often naturally gravitate to outdoor spaces in the beautiful weather, and the perfect way to…

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Where Summer Memories Begin

Expert architectural concepts and clever interior designing ideas combined with a homeowner’s special flair for details net an island paradise for a multi-generational family.

A sprawling home on Nantucket that offers stunning 360-degree views of the island from atop a roof walk combines just the right amount of island elegance with seaside comfort and charm. Here it is obvious that a…

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Paradise Found

An old Cape home comes alive with magical architectural and design touches by a visionary team.

It’s called “Fool’s Paradise,” and, indeed, the weathervane balancing on a finial atop this Lower Cape home is based on the fool from the Tarot deck of cards. In one hand, the fool holds a golf club, in the other, a martini glass. His profile,…

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Classic Chic

An elegant new beachside community reflects the Cape’s cottage colony legacy.
One of Cape Cod’s most striking cultural markers—the beachside cottage colony—was born a century ago. The quirky little communities started as tent sites and slowly evolved over decades, as tents set on platforms before finally becoming simple wood-frame summer cottages. The lifestyle was predictable and breezy, with the same families…

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Nurturing Beauty on the Wing

Horticultural experts and dedicated local volunteers help create and preserve the habitat of beautiful butterflies.

Sandy earth, fresh salt air, ocean waves—all bathed in warm sunshine. The unique and breath-taking summer landscape of Cape Cod brings hordes of people to its shores, but it also attracts a less obvious Cape-traveler. This visitor plays a critical role in the natural beauty…

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Seaside Magicians

Mackenzie & Company is transforming coastal interiors with a whimsical, yet sophisticated sense of color and texture—and some fun touches of the unexpected.

Serendipity seems to follow Angela Hamwey like a warm gust of summer wind. When Hamwey was looking for a new space for her interior design business, Mackenzie & Company, she found herself in the center of Hyannis gazing…

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