Cape Cod HOME Stories

Island delights: Martha’s Vineyard inspired recipes!

From farm-to-table to family fare, Martha’s Vineyard epicureans are dishing out fresh, inspired creations in their latest cookbooks.

The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook • Spaghetti with Crab and Zucchini

By: Chris Fischer (with Catherine Young)
“Vineyard waters are full of crabs, but few are sold on the island these days. … That leaves plenty of crabs around for those of us willing…

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The Next Wave – Jonathan Jaxtimer

Profiles on emerging young professionals in the local housing industry

Jonathan Jaxtimer
E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc.

Jonathan Jaxtimer, 26, serves as head project manager for E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc., the company his father started 40 years ago on the Cape. In our conversation with the emerging young leader, he talks about the dynamic of working in a family business and looks ahead…

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Buzzards Bay Information Center gets a facelift by local Cape artisans

Visitors to Cape Cod are greeted by artisans’ interpretations of the region’s unique surroundings.

Summers on Cape Cod are for making memories. Travelers come from all over the world to wiggle their toes in the sand next to slowly rolling waves, explore the Cape’s many historical landmarks, or reel in a big striper along the Cape Cod Canal. But for tourists…

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New Seabury home designed by John Dvorsack exceeds family’s expectations

John Dvorsack designs a modest waterfront dwelling that is more than meets the eye

In Christopher Priest’s 1995 novel, The Prestige, which would later become a 2006 movie, the author explains that great magic tricks contain three parts. “The Pledge” introduces the audience to something that appears ordinary, but of course is not, then “The Turn” makes that item do something…

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Special garden heals mind, body and soul

When Judi Meyer expressed interest in a tiny house in East Sandwich, her son told her she was crazy. “We were driving by, and I saw the ‘For Sale’ sign,” Meyer recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s pull in here!’ and so we stopped.” Despite her son’s lack of enthusiasm, there was something about this small, older cottage and its bare landscape…

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Bauhaus on the beach

(originally published in Cape Cod HOME, Special Edition 1996-1997)

Both sheltered and private, a redwood and glass envelope is tucked into the Truro dunes. It doesn’t intrude onto the landscape but is nestled in a way that quietly belongs.

“La Belle Mer,” the home of contemporary architect Dan Sullivan, AIA, employs many of the features he works with for clients and those…

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Abiding by the tide: Continuing the traditions of Modernist architecture on the Outer Cape

(originally published in Cape Cod HOME, Indian Summer 2004)

On Lieutenant Island in South Wellfleet, large tracts of conservation land peacefully coexist with a small, quiet community. For residents, the island is accessible only by a narrow road that winds through the marsh and over a wooden, one-lane bridge. The road becomes impassable at very high tides, a minor inconvenience in…

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