Cape Cod HOME Stories

The spirits of summer

Try these 10 Cape & Islands cocktails at home

Summer is almost upon us, and the grills will be sizzling, the patio furniture will be placed and the speakers will be pouring out the sounds of Cape Cod’s most popular season. One important question remains: what cocktails will Cape and Islanders be enjoying this year?
The culture of cocktails has been booming…

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Celebrating Cape Cod HOME’s 20th anniversary (1996-2016)

In 2016 we are revisiting some of the homes featured in Cape Cod HOME’s first issue in 1996.

This residence in North Falmouth’s picturesque Ballymeade Estates was featured on the cover of Cape Cod HOME’s inaugural issue in 1996. Though architecturally the 3,500-square-foot home has remained largely the same over the years, some significant changes have been made to the interior,…

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A few pointers from the pros

Four local companies have a lot of experience with weathervanes

A weathervane can say a great deal about its owners. From displaying one’s love of the sea with a sailboat, a fondness for nature with a flower, or a little whimsy with a unicorn, these functional works of art offer a personalized focal point to any home, business, or other building…

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Creature Comforts

Geoff Semonian has carved a career out of whales, eagles, and other wooden creations

There is a saying that the most important ingredient in any great recipe, product or other creation is love. Cape Cod woodcarver Geoff Semonian seems to embody that philosophy. In an age when so many home furnishings are mass-produced, Semonian takes great pride—and a good deal of time…

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Are you in the market for a fire pit?

Here are a few suggestions and tips—and one Cape resident’s installation account

Imagine gathering around a roaring bonfire in the backyard with family and friends—roasting marshmallows and cracking a few cold ones on a breezy summer night. Laughter fills the air as stories are told for hours on end while the memories being made are just as palpable as the warmth…

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It’s All In The Details

Cape designer offers a few helpful tips on creating beautiful, cohesive interior design.

When putting the finishing touches on a room, whether in a summer home or a year-round residence, Irina MacPhee of Pastiche of Cape Cod advises homeowners not to overlook the final 20 percent of a given project, the few critical—yet often overlooked—items that can help tie a room together…

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This is a crunching, munching cleanup crew!

Centerville’s “GOat Green Cape Cod” offers a one-of-a-kind landscape service

There is no shortage of animal life at the Centerville home of Stacey Greaves. With 26 chickens, four ducks, three dogs, three cats and two rabbits, Greaves has her hands full. But she says it’s her eight goats that keep her busiest.
The goats—Gus, Bambi, Leland, Pepper, Peanut, Frito, Kyle and Brad—all…

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