Cape Cod Past and Present

A Series of 17 photos – one for each Cape town & the Islands – showcasing scenes from yesterday and today
In planning this Past & Present photography project, Dan Cutrona, one of our ace freelancers, suggested we ask Charles Sternaimolo to take on the assignment. Charles, after all, had completed similar work for his hometown of Fitchburg and has photographed…

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Homeport – Centerville

In an era dominated by shipping, many captains called this Barnstable village home.

Thedy Crosby had signed on to a ship due to sail out of Centerville. The ship lay anchored in the harbor waiting for one crewmember. Thedy had changed his mind. He did not want to go aboard so instead, he hid in a barn. His father found him,…

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The Cape’s Best Public Relations Officer

Joseph Lincoln’s Prolific Writing Boosted Cape Cod Tourism a Century Ago

Wake up. Reach for a legal pad and pencil. Write. In the days before computers, word processors, and spell-check, this was the simple process early 20th-century author Joseph Crosby Lincoln followed to complete his work.

Keeping a disciplined schedule, Lincoln wrote an average of one to two books per year…

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Changing Shape of the Cape – Sandwich

It will be a long time before the winter of 2014-2015 is forgotten in these parts. In November, snowstorms began to dump record amounts of the white stuff on communities across Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the Islands. For some areas, particularly those with existing erosion concerns like Sandwich, the severe weather could not have come at a worse time.…

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Our Lunch with Rita

Former Cape Cod restaurateur prepares a garden meal befitting her Azorean roots

On a recent warm, Cape Cod afternoon, some Cape Cod LIFE staffers and I accepted an invitation for lunch at the home of our longtime friend, Rita Pacheco.

As we traveled along the sort of bumpy dirt lanes that were commonplace on the Cape years ago, venturing around blind…

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Strong to the Finish

Cape Cod’s Pairpoint Glassworks completes a special Boston Marathon project, while mourning a painful loss

The oldest working glassworks company in the United States, Pairpoint Glassworks has made its home for the last four decades in Bourne’s Sagamore village, tucked alongside the canal and situated nearly beneath the Sagamore Bridge. Pairpoint’s glassblowers spend their days transforming large gobs of superheated glass…

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The Historic Stony Brook Grist Mill in Brewster

Brewster’s Stony Brook Grist Mill has enjoyed a fascinating history—and a thorough restoration

Nestled in a small, scenic valley and between a babbling brook and Stony Brook Road is a two-and-one-half story, wood-frame building. Understated in its New England simplicity, the only outward clues to the structure’s historic significance are a small sign on the shingles and a 12-foot, wooden water…

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Putting a New Twist on an old Tradition

Cape Cod artist weaves tapestries from seaweed, grass, and other natural materials.
Shannon Goheen is a landscape designer, and for more than a quarter century, her work has involved transforming the grounds of hundreds of Cape Cod homes and businesses into special, one-of-a-kind spaces. Since growing up in Maine, Goheen has felt a kinship with nature, and she takes a thoughtful…

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Springtime on Chappaquiddick

Peaceful gardens, colorful wildlife and a dynamic coastline are just an island away

When considering the places you might go to relax, to enjoy nature or just to get away from it all, what scenes come to mind, and what are the details you envision? Do you see a quiet, sunny spot offering a warm, Atlantic breeze? Are you near the…

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The Wreck of the Andrea Doria

A legendary ship, a monumental collision, and a miraculous rescue operation off the coast of nantucket.

Since the Sparrowhawk sank off Orleans in 1626, the Cape and Islands have seemingly crooned siren songs to thousands of ships, luring them to destruction in their shifting shoals. While “Cape Cod Girls” may be the best known of local sea shanties, “The Mermaid” may…

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