It’s summertime—and the reading’s is easy

Details and descriptions of seven great “Beach Reads” with Cape and Islands connections
Imagine this scene: toes in the sand, the sun shining overhead, ocean sounds bubbling before you, and a brand-new book in your lap—waiting to be read. For many, this is a recipe for a great summer day on the Cape and Islands. For various reasons, “summer” and “reading”…

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Things my dad taught me while fishing

A Provincetown native reflects on life lessons learned on the pond
Spring is a time of renewal, and each year it is a time when I remember my dad, Joe Dirsa, and the times I had with him, and all he taught me about fishing—and life. Dad grew up during the Depression and joined the Navy when he was 17. He…

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First Nantucket, then the world!

Director to bring his new film on a tour of Cape Cod, the Islands, and beyond this summer

A writer, director, and film studies professor from Vermont, Jay Craven has strong ties to both Cape Cod and the Islands. As a high school student in the late 1960s, Craven spent a few summers working as an employee at Surf City Cape…

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There are many great ways to exercise— at any age

Cape Cod Seniors are involved in a variety of sports and activities
THE CAPE AND ISLANDS OFFER SEEMINGLY ENDLESS opportunities and venues for people young and old to exercise, get some fresh air, and get or stay in shape. In this article, a handful of Cape Cod seniors talk about the sports and exercise activities they enjoy, and what drives them…

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These code-breakers were real lifesavers

Chatham exhibit shares the story of Nazi Germany’s Enigma Machines—and the Cape Codders who intercepted their messages and helped win the war!

Submarine Rock lurks a stone’s throw off the southern coast of Sampson’s Island in my hometown of Cotuit. At high tide, the rock dives beneath the waves, an unmarked navigational hazard I often worry will sink our boat when…

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Driving Forces

Upcoming golf tournaments to raise funds for Cape and Islands charities

Summer on Cape Cod! What more could one ask for than blue skies, quality time with friends and family, and—for the golf enthusiast—a round or two at one of the many spectacular courses on the Cape and Islands. How about the fact that many charity golf tournaments to be held…

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A Cape Cod Classic

This summer, try the Shore Dinner at Falmouth’s Sea Crest Beach Hotel

There is nothing like a clambake.After a day of swimming and sunbathing or otherwise adventuring around Cape Cod, relaxing in the sand to enjoy some fresh, succulent seafood as the sun goes down is a special experience. When someone else is preparing the food, it’s even better.

This summer, on…

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Break at Barrier Beach, Chatham

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of articles covering the region’s dramatically changing coastline. To a first-time visitor, Chatham’s North Beach Island, South Beach, and the well-known break in the barrier beach (a.k.a. the Chatham inlet) may appear to be unique geological features that have been part of the town’s coastline forever. In reality, these areas are…

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Cape Cod Past and Present

A Series of 17 photos – one for each Cape town & the Islands – showcasing scenes from yesterday and today
In planning this Past & Present photography project, Dan Cutrona, one of our ace freelancers, suggested we ask Charles Sternaimolo to take on the assignment. Charles, after all, had completed similar work for his hometown of Fitchburg and has photographed…

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Homeport – Centerville

In an era dominated by shipping, many captains called this Barnstable village home.

Thedy Crosby had signed on to a ship due to sail out of Centerville. The ship lay anchored in the harbor waiting for one crewmember. Thedy had changed his mind. He did not want to go aboard so instead, he hid in a barn. His father found him,…

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