Spring 2012

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Cape Cod HOME - Spring 2011


An Island Getaway

Two Canadian designers create their own getaway home honoring Nantucket's history, yet showcasing the island's natural beauty.

Green Inspirations

By its very nature, sustainable architecture requires a different perspective.

Fresh Past

Designer Michael Ferzoco of Eleven Interiors breathes new life into a Truro antique.


Green Dreams

I have this fantasy that someday we will move out of our old Cape into a green house—not the kind where you grow flowers, although that would be fine with me, too—but an environmentally efficient… continue reading »

Shorelines Spring ’12

Coastal Dream Houses Shore Décor: Design at the Water’s Edge ($50) offers readers a glimpse into why living by the water is a truly unique privilege. From the classic to the contemporary this gorgeous collection… continue reading »

Set in Stone

One young mason channels old-world methods to give a thoroughly modern guest house traditional charm.

A Garden Wedding

In all seasons, a garden is one of the most life-affirming places on earth—so of course you want to get married there! Some choose a home landscape for their wedding site for this reason alone—others… continue reading »

Salad Days

With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of light and easy meals created with fresh natural ingredients. We asked Cape Cod Life’s staff to share their favorite salad recipes to… continue reading »

Accents – Spring ’12

Mariposa Serveware & Gifts The Mariposa aesthetic thrives on unique, original design and superior craftsmanship that ages flawlessly. Our purpose at the Armchair Cottage is to help you enjoy the splendors of the table and… continue reading »