To start a collection of your own, Beth advises that you buy items that you like. “Don’t worry about a chip or scratch unless you are planning on reselling the pieces,” she says. “I like my items well-worn—primitive wares were meant to be used everyday.” Beth recommends new collectors visit in-town auctioneer Duncan Gray at the Sandwich Auction House. “You can come across some wonderful things, and he is very reputable,” she says.

Dan Cutrona

Every Christmas, Beth and Jim host dinner for family and friends at their home. Everyone is invited to enjoy the house and put the items she is showcasing to good use, especially the grandchildren. “I did not want this place to become the house of ‘Nana-no-no,’ where my grandchildren can’t touch anything,” she quips. When asked if she is done hunting for treasures, Beth says she will continue to expand her collection—although, she admits, she is running out of space. “To keep the house looking fresh, I revolve the items to reflect each season,” she says. “But Christmas is really the most magical time.”

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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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