Holly Haven

Dan Dewey

This well-known holiday symbol is actually one of the most diverse and intriguing members of the plant kingdom. Over the last 30 years, Cannon has managed to cultivate over 300 varieties of holly at his Brewster residence, and in the process has become known as Cape Cod’s Holly Man.

Cannon’s interest in plants began at an early age. His father was both a florist and a horticulturalist, who planted the beginnings of the expansive holly collection on Route 6A decades ago. The holly that Cannon’s father planted still flourishes today, including dozens of imported and native varieties of all shapes and sizes with berries in a rainbow of colors. In addition to the hollies, there are extensive boxwood plantings throughout the one-acre parcel and a number of specimens such as a stately Franklinia tree, several vibrant Chamaecyparis crippsii, and even an impressive 75-foot-tall redwood tree. These plantings are surrounded by an unbelievable diversity of holly (Ilex) covering the entire backyard of the property.

Dan Dewey
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