Eric Roth

When Terry is out of the room, Jaxtimer is her biggest fan, effusive about her talents and anchoring effect on the family. “My wife’s a great person,” he says. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.” Terry’s beautiful handmade baskets fill a wooden sideboard in the family room, near comfortable soft-blue sofas and easy chairs grouped around a fireplace. The room, defined by shining oak floors and ceiling beams of antique heart pine from Cataumet Saw Mill in Falmouth and filled with books and art, is homey and artistic.

The furniture throughout the house looks as if it was chosen for the space, but Jaxtimer says with a laugh, “The furniture? Where did it come from? You name it. It’s a mishmash, it’s fun.” Some of it was purchased 25 years ago, when Terry and E.J. were first married. They recall buying the pieces at auction and refinishing them at home. Perched high over the door to Terry’s office is a carved gold eagle poised with two American flags in its talons, another piece by Paul White. “We’re very patriotic people,” Jaxtimer says.

Eric Roth

The Jaxtimers are charitable, as well. In the dining room are bronze maquette statues, one of a girl, one of a boy, by Cape sculptor, David Lewis. Copies of the two are auctioned every year in a benefit fund raiser at the Joe Cronin Jimmy Fund Fishing Tournament, the largest private one-day fund raiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and one of the Jaxtimers’ favorite causes. A nearby plaque commemorates Jaxtimer’s awarding of the 2003 Thomas A. and Jean R. Yawkey Memorial Award for long-term commitment to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. “Giving back is important to our family,” E.J. says. “It’s our belief.”

Eric Roth The second floor is the boys’ world. All three have a room personalized to reflect their favorite sports and pastimes. When they’re not ensconced in their rooms, they’re often in the downstairs sports room, with a pool table in the middle of the space and filled with their many sport trophies and mounted fish, all caught by the boys and their dad.

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Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is the communications manager of the Cape Cod Foundation and a freelance writer.

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