Dan Cutrona

The stunning murals were the real essence of the interior decorator’s design scheme. As she says, “The inspiration for the design direction was the murals.” The murals also inspired many of the fabrics. All beautifully sewn and richly textured, the fabrics, many by Cowtan & Tout, help bring the large rooms in to a cozier scale.

Painted by a Depression-era artist-in-residence, the murals cover much of the wall space on the first floor and sweep up the stairs to continue in full-wall format in the hallway on the second floor. Themes change, segueing from seaside village scenes to a copse of birch trees and, upstairs, to exotic birds. The decorative paintings are rich with color—soft rose, deep yellow-gold, and forest green.

The spacious front hall, with a coffered ceiling and dark hardwood floors, is anchored with a large fireplace and the cozy seating around it. Hope knew color and texture were critical in this spot. “With the scale of the rooms, it was amazing how fabrics would disappear,” she says. She had two new wing chairs upholstered in a rosette pattern that reflects shades in the mural. Two facing settees, also new pieces that she had upholstered, are covered in a beautiful textural weaving of soft coral and off-white. A cranberry-colored ottoman tops off the seating arrangement. “The fabrics have the elegance that the room called for,” Hope says.

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