Terry Pommett

Home Spring 2011 “We now have about 175 varieties planted in the ground and over 400 plants on site,” says Mal. “Our extensive touring garden may hold the largest collection of hydrangeas in the Northeast, and perhaps along the East Coast.”

The Condons are not just propagators and growers with a small retail business. They also offer workshops on all aspects of hydrangea care, give garden tours, and Mal has developed a respected reputation for on-site garden design and landscaping services. The couple propagate 60 percent of the plants at the farm. The rest of their stock is made up of a blend of larger materials obtained from known certified sources, including growers in the mid Atlantic and Southern states.

Hydrangeas are widely recognized as one of most popular woody ornamentals on the Cape and Islands. The much-loved shrub exists in the region’s hospitable maritime climate, at the northernmost boundary of its range, where the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Hydrangeas are hardy shrubs that thrive in the region’s predominantly acidic, sandy soil and require little fertilization, flourishing in a moist, fog-laden atmosphere that gets an average of 40 inches of rainfall per year.

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