Seaview Secret

While sometimes hard to find, Cape Cod still has hidden treasures. Many of us have secret spots: the little known beach tucked at the end of an unassuming road, the unmarked hiking trail through a marsh. Perhaps more than houses or other objects of wealth, here on the Cape, land and privacy are two of the most cherished luxuries. Add a small slice of ocean and you have a Cape Cod fortune.

Dan Dewey

South from Osterville village, heading towards the ocean along winding back roads, you would probably pass right by a certain gem of a spot on Seaview Avenue. Tucked between larger, newer, fancier homes is a 1960s era colonial whose approach and facade reveal nothing of a secret Eden stretching from the home’s backdoor to the sea. While the house is comfortable and tasteful, the backyard is the real prize.

Home Spring 2011 Like most hidden spots on the Cape, this place is really no secret; its owners entertain, share, and live in their outdoor space as much as possible. Like many prized landscapes, this one did not occur accidentally and was the result of a year-long (and ongoing) collaboration between the owners, landscape designer Dan Dewey, of Centerville’s Dewey Gardens, and Mike Takach, of Dennisport’s Earth and Stone, LLC.

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