Amanda Fiedler Wastrom

Peters is a New England girl, having grown up in Concord, New Hampshire, and trained in commercial art at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. She started out in advertising, but always wanted to run her own business. “It’s funny, my grandmother said to me, when I was probably in the sixth grade, ‘You’re going to be an interior designer,’” Peters recalls. “I said, ‘No no,’ but she was right!” In 1979, the designer took a leap and started custom-painting furniture.

Amanda Fiedler Wastrom

Flash forward 10 years and Peters’ beautiful hand-painted lamps were being offered in shops likes Neiman Marcus, some pieces winning national awards. After that, she says, “I got into the fabrics because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the design centers.” Her textiles eventually were featured in showrooms in Boston and New York. These days she sells the fabrics exclusively through her Osterville shop.

A visit to the small, intimate Osterville shop brings to mind lighthearted visions of coastal tea parties, seaside picnics, hot air balloons, and mermaids. Peters’ designs are rendered with a whimsical, bright palette of pastels on textiles smooth like buttercream frosting, full of decorative flourishes on every surface imaginable, and bright with white—lots of white. Peters’ look is Cape Cod cottage with the volume turned to full blast. For Peters, less isn’t more. Quite simply, more is more.

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Amanda Wastrom is a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life Publications.

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