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In the guest bedroom, there is a large antique bed, which was once owned by Kermit Roosevelt, the son of President Theodore Roosevelt. Brenda painted the bed a bright glossy red. “I’m not sure if Kermit would approve,” she jokes. She also hand-painted the table in the room. In the paneled living room, Brenda adds color through the use of upholstery and fabrics. Jewel tones of deep blue, striking reds, olive greens create the desired effect. “This room has a fireplace and we use it during the winter months,” she explains. “I wanted it to be warm and cozy.” The one room she chose to leave neutral is the master bedroom. “I wanted our bedroom to be serene and relaxing,” she says. Although the colors are neutral, the room is rich in texture with silks, fur, organza, and cottons.

The exterior of the cottage features just as much eye-popping color as the home’s interior. The house’s shutters are painted a turquoise blue while the front door is rose pink. A profusion of perennials, which Brenda planted herself, dominates the front garden. On one side, a view opens up to Nantucket Sound and the backyard resembles a tropical forest: a lush paradise surrounds an in-ground pool, which is guarded by a 1,000-pound stone statue of Buddha. A tiki umbrella and mimosa trees offer shade to the patio.

Eric Roth
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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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