Natural Wonder

With a Biotop pool the central swimming area is bordered or surrounded by a wall that acts as a divider from a wealth of flora and fauna, called the regeneration zone, where organic impurities and excess nutrients are decomposed by the plants and microorganisms, acting as a natural filter. Underneath the surface, a series of remarkable systems are at work. Water flows over a curved self-cleaning sieve that skims out the impurities, such as undesirable mucilaginous algae. The water streams naturally into a submerged pump house, transporting it into the natural pool through pressure lines. A phosphorous filter developed by Biotop ensures that the water remains pure and clear as it circulates.

Natural Wonder

“We had a lot of [Biotop] hardware brought over from Austria, which meant we needed to import material and re-engineer some of those pumps so they would meet U.S. standards and not metric standards,” Marzilli explains. The company was given a two-year window in which to complete the vast project by the clients, which not only included importing the equipment, but commissioning an array of aquatic plants, perennials, and more natural elements grown specifically for the natural pool.

Natural Wonder
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Andrea E. McHugh, a former editor at Newport Life magazine, is a freelance writer living in Rhode Island.

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