To put it in perspective, R.P. Marzilli project manager Dave Buckley says this natural pool’s total area is approximately 18,000 square feet, with the swimming area accounting for nearly half of that. “With this particular project, the issue was scale,” says Buckley. “It’s essentially the size you would see at a water park.” Piece by piece, plant by plant, components from around the world made their way to the Massachusetts island.

Natural Wonder

Despite the challenges, the team that orchestrated the project created a natural preserve-like space that is as vast as it is breathtaking. “It’s almost like walking in a park,” says Marzilli of the peaceful, living sanctuary. “You’re able to meander though the property on pathways in between thousands of perennials and grasses.”

Taking a site and starting from ground up while creating a natural pool amidst other estate features including five buildings, a grass tennis court, and a croquet court, took careful consideration, Marzilli says. “Making it all work was a cohesive effort by designers, contractors, and a team of professionals, giving this homeowner an escape retreat.”

When it comes to the price tag of a conventional versus natural pool, Buckley says the costs can vary per square foot depending on the size and detailing of the feature.  The larger installations can be comparable to a standard gunite swimming pool. “It’s also a very viable option to transform a standard in-ground pool into a natural pool,” adds Buckley.

Natural Wonder

Eco-friendly natural pools are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking for chemical-free alternatives. A popular misconception is that a natural pool will resemble a murky lagoon more than it will a pristine sanctuary. But advanced state-of-the-art Biotop technology combined with Mother Nature’s magic can create a clear ecologically sensitive environment—and a glimmering natural treasure—for generations to come.

Natural Wonder


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Andrea E. McHugh, a former editor at Newport Life magazine, is a freelance writer living in Rhode Island.

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