Amanda Wastrom These eye-catching materials swathe virtually every square inch of wall and floor space in the showroom, which is a feast for the senses whether one is an interior design maven or a window shopper who simply appreciates beautiful crafted items.  In one corner, hand-sculpted and painted ceramic tiles beckon to be touched.  In another niche, the light ripples off the reflective surfaces of an ultra modern counter tiled in small octagons of stainless steel.  Or perhaps you might be attracted to the ancient, delicate, blue details found in each of the hand-painted Delft tiles in a fireplace surround.

Amanda Wastrom

From private residences to commercial retail spaces, Tree’s Place design projects can be found throughout the Cape and beyond, whether in an intricate mosaic floor in a powder room, decorative glass accents brightening an outdoor swimming pool, or adding an artistic touch to a custom backsplash in a rustic kitchen.

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