Nature’s Gifts

Nature's Gifts

Chances are most of your holiday decorating needs are right outside your Cape or Islands back door. Even small landscapes can provide the abundance of colors and textures of greenery perfect for doors, arrangements, mantles, and Christmas crafts. From foundation plants to perennials—and even perimeter-of-the-property vines—much of your winter décor is already in your own backyard.

Needled evergreens are the backbone of many holiday projects. The first step in making wreaths, swags, and mantle or table arrangements is to cut branches from these shrubs and trees. For example, white pine, the long-needled tree that graces so many South East Massachusetts properties, is perfect for all decorating.

Cutting white pine branches ends up thickening the growth of these large trees the following year, so don’t hesitate to do your pruning now. Cut white pine boughs about two to three feet long, harvesting from several areas of the tree. 

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C.L. Fornari is a well-known gardening expert on the Cape and Islands. She is an author, a lecturer, and a radio host on numerous gardening subjects.

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