Nature's Gifts Other needled evergreens that are beautiful when cut are the dark green Hinoki false-cypress and yews, and the lighter Arborvitae and juniper foliage. Needled evergreens that are blue in color make any arrangement richer. Great Cape and Islands choices are Blue Atlas cedar, Vanderwolf’s pines, Wichita blue junipers, or similar varieties which add colorful seaside hues to any holiday design.

Broadleaf evergreens are common in Massachusetts landscapes and will add depth and color to decorations. Rhododendron, holly, and Pieris (andromeda) are three common plants that are lovely in holiday décor. The green buds on Rhododendron, red berries on holly, and burgundy flower stems on Pieris provide additional drama to any design.

Nature's Gifts

Other widespread landscaping plants that work well for holiday decorating include variegated Euonymus, such as Emerald Gaiety or Green and Gold. In addition to white or yellow leaves, many of these shrubs take on an additional blush of pink once the temperatures cool. In fact, just about all of your evergreen plants will add color, so the first step in greening your home for the holidays is to gather clippings from most of your shrubs and trees.

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