Artful Interiors

Huggard’s shop itself is artful. Among the furniture groupings are cabinet displays of exquisite crystal, tabletop collections by well-known artisans such as Simon Pearce and Michael Aram, and beds sporting linens by Sferra and John Robshaw. Unusual lighting fixtures and rugs add to the ambiance. “It’s ever changing,” she says.

Clearly there is an artist in Huggard, a “frame of reference,” as she says, in the way she views clients’ wishes, whether the project is brand new from start to finish or entails working with existing items. “People come to me with things from their mother or that others have given them. It’s part of who they are,” Huggard says. “When I’m with a client, I can imagine the gatherings they have in their home, being with family and friends.”

Artful Interiors Incorporating interior design into her home décor shop was a natural pairing for Huggard. “Service is a really major part of Margo’s,” she says. She cultivates both her clients and a cadre of professionals who are part of the process, from architects to wallpaper hangers. “We become part of the family,” she says.

Huggard gets excited about the challenge of clients who see stunning magazine spreads and want their home to have the same allure. But it is not a job that can be done in a snap. “You can look in magazines and it looks beautiful,” Huggard says. “I don’t think people understand how to get their home to look like that. We fine-tune all the edges.”

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Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is the communications manager of the Cape Cod Foundation and a freelance writer.

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