Building Beauty

Whether he is working with an architect or designing himself, Burbic is firmly ensconced in the process. “I work more as an artisan,” he says. “I try to bring it to another level.” Most of Burbic’s projects are higher end, which he says gives him freedom to explore a full range of possibilities. Wherever he lands in a project, it embodies the expression “less is more.” Clean, simple design spotlights the wood grain and technique.

Building Beauty  He and his small crew of carpenters and painters control every step of construction, with Burbic acting as project manager. Wood is treated to the nth degree, sometimes with special techniques that render a completely individual look: antique boards with a beautiful khaki color, beach wood that is milled and turned into trim, mahogany cabinets with a maple inlay done to perfection. All are achievable, Burbic says, by keeping the project in-house, a philosophy that also helps save money and forges a close relationship with clients. “The people I work with, they’re in my life,” he says. “Being a smaller company allows me to do that.”

Burbic’s belief in simplicity guides not only his work process, but his overall philosophy as well. As he says, “at the end of the day, I want to do something I’m proud of.”

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Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is the communications manager of the Cape Cod Foundation and a freelance writer.

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