201203hsp_018 Although the interiors pay homage to the island’s famous history, the home also celebrates natural light and views in a very 2012 way. There are axis points throughout the house so one can always enjoy a view. The moment you walk in the front door, the eye is drawn through the family room to the pool and conservation land beyond. The couple love to entertain throughout the summer months.


“Typically around 5:30, we have cocktails on the loggia,” says Matthew. “People have gone off to town or the beach for the day or found a quiet spot by the pool to read.” Then hosts and guests congregate to chat about the day’s activities. As the evening dwindles, friends and family move upstairs to steam lobsters or grill the catch of the day. “As the sun is setting, the house captures the light and casts interesting shadows,” notes Darren. “It’s wonderful to live in a house you have designed. There is so much planning and so many details to consider, and when the house turns out better than your highest expectations—it’s a great feeling.”

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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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