Terry Pommett “I met with the reps from Europe, then compared notes with our own sommelier,” said Sisca. “I usually feature seafood when I have a choice. I worked at Le Bernardin in New York City for five years, which is one of the country’s top seafood restaurants. When I make menus for an event like this, I try to be inspired by the wines first, which in this case were a heavy Bordeaux selection, so I chose Scottish salmon for the first course and then went from there with a game course, followed by lamb.”

Sisca paired the St. Emilion Right Bank wines selected for the dinner with a delectable series of appetizers including marinated Island Creek oysters, sweet and creamy Goat Cheese Barbajauns, and Black Bass Tartar caught by the chef himself on a Nantucket fishing jaunt.

Mark Goldweitz, whose elegant historic Nantucket home was the perfect showcase for a “Great Wines in a Grand House” dinner, laughs when he recalls Sisca’s island fishing trip. “The hors d’oeuvres were just spectacular that night,” says Goldweitz, who has restored several Nantucket homes available for rent through his company, “The Black Bass Tartar was actually caught by Robert that morning when he went out fishing off the island with Pete Kaizer on the Althea K. Pete is a real Nantucket guy and a phenomenal professional fisherman.”

Terry Pommett Goldweitz has played an integral part in the Nantucket Wine Festival’s notable rise as one of the country’s most highly acclaimed wine and food events. “The Nantucket Wine Festival is a real jewel,” says Goldweitz, from his home in Boston’s Back Bay. “As a lover of fine wine, I have been to many wine festivals and wine events around the country and in Europe. The Nantucket Wine Festival is just very special, very different.”

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