Casual Camp

With the design team in place and local master builder Brian Smith on board, Patrick’s dream house was ready to take form.

Casual Camp

Regan achieved this goal by breaking the 3,600-square-foot house into two volumes—a wing for Mahady and a separate wing for his children. The kitchen-dining area and living room divide these distinct spaces. The wings feel as if they were additions to an earlier structure. The kitchen has a cathedral ceiling while the wings have standard eight-foot ceilings, furthering the distinction between the spaces. Regan and Cramer introduced varying rooflines and dormers to accommodate various ceiling heights. “Dormers are great ways to create additional space and light without adding a lot more square footage,” notes Regan. A long gallery with a built-in bench connects both public and private spaces.

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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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