Once Herbert got the lay of the townhouse, he interviewed Rob and Scott on their lifestyle, finding that they love to entertain, cook, and watch movies on rainy days. The couple wanted to create a weekend house that reflected their lifestyle—a place that was relaxed and casual but with a crisp sense of style.

Shor Sophistication

“They are very social and want to make friends and family feel welcome in a place where you can come and put your feet up. Along with a relaxed vibe, they also wanted a pulled together look for the interiors,” notes Herbert. “They didn’t want stark modern rooms, but rather a collection of contemporary and vintage elements to give the house a distinct personality.” The central idea was to create practical interiors with a little sense of drama in the mix. Herbert also worked with couple’s favorite colors and materials. “They definitely wanted fabrics that were easy-care,” the designer notes.

Once he had a strong idea of what the couple wanted, Herbert went to work selecting a sampling of paint colors, fabrics, wall finishes, and accessories to present to the client—many of which came directly from his shop. “Provincetown is a historic seaside town and I like to keep that historical perspective in mind when designing interiors—I want the rooms to reflect a sense of place,” says Herbert. “We chose a natural earthy palette, and subtly introduced hints of the sea in the way of accessories, artwork, and patterns.” 

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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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