A Beautiful Blend

Smith began the restoration project by doing a bit of forensics. The structure is a classic full Cape with a center entryway flanked by two sets of windows on either side. A center chimney warms the two front parlors and original “keeping room.” The antique dwelling has all of its original twelve-over-eight and nine-over-six windows, Colonial paneled doors, wide-plank flooring, wood paneling, wainscoting, coffered ceilings, gun-stock posts, and built-in cabinets with original panes of glass still intact. “We wanted to preserve as much of the original structure as possible. If it could be salvaged, we would salvage it,” notes Smith. “We also had to determine how structurally sound the original portion of the house was before we proceeded with the additions.” After examining the sill, Smith realized it was rotted and needed to be replaced. The good news was that the house’s original floor joists, which were made of tree trunks—with the bark still on—were all in great condition. “We jacked the whole house and laid a new foundation as well as a new sill,” says Smith.

A Beautiful Blend
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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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