Heirloom Farmhouse

Hutker Architects designs a modern island farmhouse in Edgartown for a family of five which incorporates rustic touches.

Just a short drive down a winding lane outside of the bustle of Edgartown, and you feel as if you’ve arrived in a magical spot. Set at the edge of a billowing meadow and birch tree woodland, a charming new farmhouse complex designed by Hutker Architects is the perfect getaway place for a couple and their three grown daughters.

More reminiscent of Martha’s Vineyard’s up-island farmlands than the usual village atmosphere, the setting is an unexpected yet welcome surprise. “The clients wanted a retreat house that would be grounded with a sense of place, and they found the perfect spot to achieve this goal,” notes Philip Regan, principal at Hutker Architects, a local award-winning firm dedicated to creating houses that will be kept in one family for generations—much like New England’s historical farmsteads. “We wanted to design a house that was in context with its surroundings,” says Regan, who designed the house with architect James Moffatt. The couple wanted a home that they could really relax in with family and friends.

Heirloom Farmhouse

The first thing Regan and Moffatt considered was how to site the house on the property. “We like to give each room of the house as many orientations to the views as possible—when you capture three or four views, you have a real winner,” says Regan. The views to the meadow and woodland took precedence when laying out the interior spaces. To create both public and private areas for the family, the design program called for approximately 4,400 square feet of living space. “That’s a fairly large house,” Regan notes.

To break down the size to a more manageable scale, the team chose to create two different volumes of space connected by a “hyphen.” This hyphen acts as the entryway into the house (the foyer) and links the public spaces—the kitchen, great room, and dining room—with the private spaces—the study, upstairs guest rooms, and first-floor master bedroom and bath. The house is essentially based on old vernacular farm buildings that have grown over time.

Heirloom Farmhouse
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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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