Mosaic Moments

This artist’s gardens, her husband’s homemade arbor, and his 1939 Ford tractor are the perfect backdrop for creative inspiration. Her oasis of a yard is silent, save for the piercing crows of her feathered friends, who are as much a part of her family as any human. Her charismatic personality—warm, down-to-earth, and humorous—further defines who she is as an artist. Her blond hair frames her face in much the same way grout surrounds her tile.

Davies studied fine art and art history at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. Upon graduating, she worked in several positions that were more graphic than hands-on, that didn’t satisfy her passion for fine art. “It just doesn’t feel the same creating on a computer,” she says. As fate would have it, that’s when she started learning about painting on tile from her stepmother, local artisan Joan Peters (owner of Joan Peters of Osterville), in her spare time. After watching Peters, Davies was inspired to try her own hand at creating ceramic designs, and purchased a kiln.

Mosaic Moments

In the summer of 2006, Davies and several artists opened an artist co-op at Gallery 337 in Hyannis. They all split the rent and took turns working the gallery. After the summer, the gallery closed, and Davies converted her living room into the studio where she creates the tile murals that she designs for local homeowners.

Mosaic Moments

To get started, Davies paints a paper rendering of the mural so she and her client are on the same page. Davies describes her style as impressionistic and “looser, not super tight.” Once the team have established an idea, Davies or her client acquire the tile necessary to complete the job and some extras (just in case!) and Davies paints the tile from photographs or images.

“There’s so many options,” Davies says. “It’s not just a plain white tile.” It’s a canvas she can transform into something meaningful for her clients. “They envision having something, but they don’t know how to do it. I’m your paintbrush. I can make that happen,” Davies continues. “It’s rewarding being an artist.”

Many of Davies’ clients have a general idea of what they want, but overlook the details that actually bring meaning to artwork. One of the unique touches of Davies’ work is her knack for personalization. She actively incorporates personal touches that appear inconsequential to unknowing bystanders, but are significant to her clients.

Mosaic Moments
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