Where Fairy Tales Are True

A spectacular almost century-old child's "playhouse" is a treasure for artists, nature lovers - or fairy tale fans of all ages.

Where Fairy Tales Are True

The house  is hard to see from the road, camouflaged amidst the shrubbery along Centerville River, but it’s there, up on a wooded rise. It transports all who see it back in time, to an era when technology didn’t rule the world, when life moved as slowly as the tidal river that winds its way around marshes surrounding the house, like a moat around a castle.

This well-kept Cape Cod secret was built as a playhouse for the first-born son of a locally prominent family at the beginning of the 1920s. Although Daniel Hamilton—“Dan Ham” as he declared himself from his high chair when he was a toddler—has since passed away, his childhood home lives on, intriguing those lucky enough to see it.

Where Fairy Tales Are True
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Hillary Wenzel is a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life

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