Holiday Sparkle

Make your holiday decor in your home an unexpected delight all season long.

An upside down Christmas tree festooned with glimmering white ornaments like a chandelier. A branch sweeping diagonally across a window, wrapped in ribbon, decorated with flowers and shimmering glass. A collection of deep-red goblets, each filled with a golden apple or pear. At Casabella Home Furnishings in Sandwich, you will always find unexpected creativity, especially during the holiday season.

“I love it when people open our front door and lose their breath,” says Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, owner of the home furnishings and accessories store on picturesque Route 6A. “During the holidays, we transform the shop into a winter wonderland and our seasonal vignettes inspire creativity.” On these pages, Michele shares her favorite hints for making your holiday decor an unexpected delight all season long.

Holiday Sparkle

Choose one color to make a statement. Mix silver ornaments and accents into your everyday decor to create a holiday focal point. Any metallic hue will add sparkle.

Holiday Sparkle Holiday Sparkle
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