Although the house is designed to honor the past, Hutker and his team incorporated spaces for modern living. An efficient, galley-style kitchen opens directly onto a dining hall with a table large enough to seat 18 people. The kitchen offers two large cupboards designed by Ryther to mimic historical cupboards. One displays pottery and spices, while another houses a large ice cream machine, a classic summer accent. A large farmhouse sink and soapstone countertop add vintage touches. Farm-style open shelving above the counter affords plate and glass storage. A laundry room off the kitchen has a deep soapstone sink.

Language of the Past

In the dining hall, paneled walls conceal cupboards that open and close with simple touch latches. Just off the large dining hall, French doors lead to a screened porch overlooking the gardens (designed by Horiuchi and Solien) and a picturesque pond. A narrow passage to the left of the dining hall leads to the tavern room—a cozy spot to curl up by the fire with a dark ale.

Language of the Past

The exterior of the tavern room is finished in brick, suggesting that the one-story structure was perhaps built at a later time. Upstairs in the master bedroom and bath, a deck with an outdoor shower offers summer bathing with tranquil water views. A library to store John’s law books was included upstairs in the new addition. “We measured the linear feet of the books and designed the shelving around that measurement,” says Ryther. With such thoughtful detailing, the Hutker team created a handsome addition with the spirit of history guiding the way.

Nancy E. Berry is a freelance writer living in Yarmouthport.


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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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