Custom Crafted

Under the creamy white cabinetry and shining overhead spotlights at Main Street at Botello’s, kitchen islands take on the beautiful traits of fine craftsmanship. While there is no doubt the islands are strong enough for serious cooking, they are also very much a treat for the eyes.

In one corner of the showroom, a gleaming teak island top gently curves to buttress against a granite worktop, establishing a line between the cook’s workspace and a place where guests can chat and nibble on appetizers. Nearby is another wood island that serves as a spacious-but-portable dining area in a window nook. Yet another island is a surprising beauty made of freeform glass. The pieces say a lot about why Botello’s, on the Barnstable/Mashpee line, has become a prime go-to spot for those who want to redefine their kitchens—that vitally important room in every house —whether it is brand new or a remodel.

Custom Crafted

Many of the islands positioned throughout the showroom are constructed at Botello’s own in-house mill, says Paul Puchol, sales manager of Main Street at Botello’s, the business’s custom kitchen showroom. The wood islands, Puchol adds, are a hot new trend in kitchen design. “Woods are popular,” Puchol says, “especially zebrawood and teak.” Puchol says the staff continues to look at sustainable wood such as bamboo, keeping a keen eye on trends. The wood island tops are especially beautiful juxtaposed under the white and dove-gray cabinets, indicative of yet another design trend, Puchol says. Off-whites, such as the creamy linen shade, are branching out. “We’re also seeing a little trend toward lots of coastal hues, including grays, in painted cabinetry,” he says.

Custom Crafted

Botello’s kitchen design specialists team up with homeowners and other professionals to create kitchens across the region: Cape Cod, the South Shore, the area north of Boston, and Newport, Rhode Island. The territory, a patchwork of urban centers, suburbs, and more rural communities, means that tastes run across a spectrum. Overall, Puchol says, the urbane look of city centers is getting a lot of attention today. “In a lot of cities, the sleek contemporary look is popular,” he says. “It’s a little different market here on the Cape. Here it’s more traditional, crossing over a bit, but transitional—traditional with a little touch of contemporary.”

Custom Crafted

The company, which has grown by leaps and bounds under the leadership of founder Paul Botello and his son, Stephen, serves a boatload of Cape Codders. Chatham, with its abundance of traditional homes, represents a large volume for Main Street at Botello’s. That much work means the showroom, which opened three years ago, shifts its wares on a regular basis, Puchol says. “We change the showroom displays several times a year,” he says. “We try to keep up with styles and trends.”


Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is the communications manager of the Cape Cod Foundation and a freelance writer.

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