Splendor in the Bath

Languidly standing in sprays of hot water, listening to your favorite music while you inhale a scent of aromatherapy, awaiting the heated towels you’ll wrap yourself in. Believe it: You’re not at a spa or four-star hotel. You’re at home.

The transformation of baths from somewhat ho-hum spaces to luxurious body-care centers has taken a giant step. Sabrina DaLomba, Director of Showrooms for Supply New England’s Kitchen & Bath Gallery, cites several recent head-turning developments: “There are all sorts of tricks and features added today,” DaLomba says. She loves the Moxie, a new shower head by Kohler, which is equipped with a wireless speaker for playing music while you scrub. “It’s a super cool thing,” she says. “You can bring all these aspects to your bath.”

Splendor in the Bath

There is an array of other features that can be incorporated, whether during a renovation, or planned from the get-go: floor warmers, aromatherapy wells dropped into heated towel racks, LED lights in the walls for color-changing scenery, and, of course, the now-traditional rain heads, which shower water along the body.

Splendor in the Bath

“It’s almost like bringing the spa into the home,” DaLomba says. “We’re trying to give that spa feel, like a retreat.” Some of the new developments make sense in more than just design or fashion. “Research shows that light and color can change mood,” DaLomba says. “It’s like light therapy.”

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Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is the communications manager of the Cape Cod Foundation and a freelance writer.

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