The first course of action for Johnson was to decide where to place the kitchen and then install a staircase to the second floor. Once these decisions were made, the design for all the other rooms fell into place. “The couple wanted a more formal entrance—a sense of arrival, which was lacking in the original house,” notes Johnson. “We placed the front door on a 45-degree angle—the front entry hall is formal with a two-story ceiling and a grand carved mahogany staircase. The stairs’ spiral flow also guides energy up to the second layer of the house.”

Grandeur Restored

Johnson installed additional windows into this entry space for enhanced natural light. A limestone floor—although not a traditional material—was introduced for practicality and durability. A stunning touch is an exposed fieldstone wall built by local stonemason Louis Rosado. “The stone chimney had to be rebuilt with both an interior and exterior fireplace,” Johnson explains. A vaulted stair to a basement game room/wine cellar descends down through the stone chimney, offering an almost medieval feel to the structure.

Grandeur Restored  “The couple wanted open flowing spaces for entertaining, but they also wanted more intimate spaces like you would find in a traditional home layout,” says Johnson. The old kitchen, which was placed in the middle of the house, was transformed into an intimate living room with a home office introduced just off the space.

“Even though these are separate rooms, they are still connected to the views and the rest of the house through interior French doors,” Johnson says. The couple wanted the heart of the home—the kitchen—to have great views. The family spends so much time in the kitchen it just made sense to place the kitchen with views opening out to the water.

Grandeur Restored
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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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