Finally, you simply want to be able to enjoy your water feature without having to spend lots of time on the Internet reading up on how to get rid of that monstrous algal bloom that seems to happen just before your Fourth of July neighborhood party. If some or all of this sounds like issues you may have in your yard, then a pondless waterfall may be exactly what you are looking for.

Pondless waterfalls are a great way to bring a water feature onto your property without incurring the potentially higher installation and maintenance costs associated with a fish pond. They are also extremely useful when you are working within a restricted space. In order to install a pondless waterfall, there are a handful of necessary components to ensure that your system functions properly.

Pond Perspective

The following is a simplified rendition of what can be used to install a water feature. A heavy duty, 45-millimeter EPDM liner should be used to retain the water. A pump is used at the low point of the water feature to circulate the water through piping back up to the high point. These locations are typically where filtration occurs.

Additional considerations include what kind of materials you would like to use for the rocking of the stream and basin as well as what kind of plants you would like to incorporate into your design. Have fun with this part of the process after you have gone over all of the necessary logistical components of building a water feature with your landscape designer. The most satisfying part of the installation can be in the details of exactly what plants go where and how the water will meander down the stream. When you can step back a few months after the project has been completed and say that it looks like a natural part of the landscape, you’ll know you have it right.

Many homeowners long to have a fish pond. Perhaps you have a few grandchildren who will absolutely love feeding the fish, and eventually, you discover that it becomes one of your family’s favorite daytime routines. Fish ponds can provide many of the same benefits as a pondless waterfall. However, they can end up requiring more of an investment to build and maintain. In addition to the items listed above, a greater attention to detail is required to maintain water quality.

Pond Perspective
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