Cottage Charm Cottage Charm

To bring additional light and headroom into the upstairs, Sherman—who is a firm believer that houses should have as much natural light as possible—introduced dormers. “During the day you shouldn’t have to turn on a light in a room,” notes Sherman. “It’s like good lighting in a theatre—when it is done properly you don’t notice it, but when it’s awful, you can’t help but notice it.”

Cottage Charm Cottage Charm

Although the upstairs received more floor space, the downstairs layout remained basically intact. An existing fieldstone center chimney, in good condition, anchors the main living area. “We relocated the staircase to an outer wall—moving it back just a few feet—to create more floor space,” notes Sherman. The geometric Arts and Crafts stairs offer a bold architectural component to the space. For the stairwell, Sherman designed a large arched operable window, which fills the stairwell and upper level with sunlight and, when open, cool island breezes.

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Nancy Berry is a freelance writer who lives in Yarmouthport.

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