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In May 2011 when Alison Collins opened Collins Galleries in Orleans, it was the natural progression of her long career as an art gallery director and sales associate. Growing up on Cape Cod, Alison worked at a local art gallery beginning in high school, which nurtured her love for the pleasure and business of working in the art world—a world she has more than two decades of experience in. When the economy seemed right to open her own gallery two years ago, she jumped at the chance.

Choosing Art For Your Home

When selecting artists to feature in her gallery, Collins already had a roster of artists to choose from since she had built a solid reputation during her past gallery experiences.

Those relationships allowed her to “open the Collins Galleries doors with friends,” and such close relationships have informed her selections for the gallery ever since. Featuring a conservative number of 16 established artists, Collins has created a niche gallery of cohesive artists, catering to a clientele interested in tradition and realistic representation.

The collection at the Collins Galleries is primarily comprised of academic realist works—meaning the artists featured have received rigorous formal training. They also tend to adhere to various forms of classical imagery, philosophy, and aesthetic and their work features subject matter derived directly from life, such as landscapes, the figure, and still lifes. Art sold at the gallery is classical and of high quality, exuding a sense of “richness” that the gallery owner hopes brings success to the gallery’s artists—and satisfaction to Collins Galleries’ buyers.

– Hannah Monahan

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